Top 5 Office Chairs for Holiday Gifts

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Here is everything you need to know when buying an ergonomics office chair for your office needs, or even buying it for holiday gifts. This article will show you how to find the best chair, suited for your needs and budgets, the ergonomics side of the chair, prices, features as well as aesthetics. If you are planning to get an office chair for your desk, then this article will surely help you.

When doing office work, of course, you will be sitting most of the time, standard office work would be around 8 – 9 hours, so you will be sitting around for more than 7 hours of your time. This means, that you will spend most of the time on your chair, so the quality of your sitting, and postures, as well as the quality of your chair itself, would be important, especially if it is about the health of your postures, and back pain.

Here Are the Best Selections for Office Chairs You Can Find in the Online Market

Many companies have even considered upgrading the quality of their office chairs to further improve the performance of their employee, as well as minimalizing any health problems caused by overworking in bad office chairs. If you are planning on getting an office chair for yourself, or your company, here are 5 selections of the best office chair that suits your need, budget, and ergonomics need.

  1. Steelcase Series 1

Steelcase series 1 is one of the lower-end prices of the chair; however, it is still one of the most ergonomics, as well as worth for money series. It is made of sturdy materials, and has a flexible armrest, along with several advantages you can get from the office chair. It combines looks and comfort, with ergonomics, as well as low pricing that will be worth it for many offices.

The airy mesh on the chair will make sure your back is always cool, even during heated summer days. It is excellent build quality compared with its economic pricings, also backed with the reliable, and supportive company. However, if you are quite tall, this chair can feel quite cramped and little for tall people.

  1. Steelcase Gesture

It is one of the higher-end expensive chairs, a Steelcase Gesture. It has exceptional quality and is sturdy yet flexible and light. However, the pricing of more than $1.200 might be too much for one chair and might be suitable for executive offices only.

The Steelcase gestures have quite an exceptional material, durable, and flexible quality, along with the adjustable side of the chair. It is extremely comfortable and supportive, with many ergonomics adjustability.

  1. Flash Furniture Mesh Chair

Flash furniture mesh chair, is a mesh-bodied, along with the high-back chair. One of the cheapest series from Flash furniture, which provides the best, most versatile, and ergonomics chair that comes with a very cheap. However, there are still many downsides to this chair, such as the cheap plastic abounds on its armchairs.

It is ideal for the lean back with its adjustable headrests, and amazing flexibility because the frame is not too rigid, not to mention that it is one of the most affordable types of office chair out there.

  1. Branch Task Chair

For the pricing of $280, it is wide, along with breezy mesh materials, ideal to keep your back cool. It also has adjustable lumbar pillow support and adjustable arms for better flexibility. However, the foam itself could be more comfortable.

  1. Alera Elusion Office Chair

It is one of the cheapest discounted chairs from Alera Company, however, you need to know what you are buying, as it is one of its budget options, so expect some errors, and broken things here and there. However, the quality it gives such as mesh-backed chairs, along with mesh seating could give comfort and coolness.

However, keep in mind, that there is no best chair for everyone, as in any company, and everyone has different needs. If you are having posture problems, we recommend you get adjustable office chairs you can use to fix your postures. Having bottom pains, you will need chairs that have an extra thick cushion. The best chair for you is a chair that will answer your needs, and most importantly comfortable.