Tips on Buying and Choosing Bistro Chair

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If you are trying to choose, and buy the best dining bistro chair for your dining room, or patio chairs, then you have come to the right place. To make sure you understand where to buy, and tips on buying the best bistros chair, with the proper design, functions, and style.

This article will show you the tips when you are choosing, and buying bistros chair for your home. Bistros chairs are a type of bentwood chairs, made from flexible materials such as bent wood, rattan, aluminum, and poly plastic. It made popular with many French cafe owners using this kind of chair for their outside cafe, making it a classical chair for cobblestone walk cafes in French.

What Is Considered Bistros Chair?

Bistros chair, also sometimes called a French bistro or cafe chair is a type of chair that has characterized by its bent wood and curves on the back rest, arm rest, and lumbar. It is made of flexible materials allowing for its bent characteristics, materials such as rattan, and aluminum are very popular.

The bistros chair itself was very popular among the US and Europe households, and it also makes way for the increase in popularity of rattan furniture, especially the authentic handmade rattan furniture made from South East Asia.

Tips On Selecting the Best Bistros and Cafe Chair

When choosing the best bistro and cafe chair, there are many things you should always consider, such as the height of the chair, the specifications, and design of the chair itself, as well as the materials it uses. Typically, these are ideal rules of thumb when choosing the best bistro chair for your dining room, or your cafe or eatery.

  • The height and dimension of your chair

The height, dimension, and specifications of your chair are important, to match your table. If your chair is lower, slightly higher, or leaves not enough space for leg room between the tables, it will make your chair very awkward, and your guests would be uncomfortable.

The table height is important in choosing the correct chair, as with most tables, its height would be around 28 to 30 inches. The general rule of thumb is to leave at least 10 inches of space from the leg to the table, as the leg room.

  • Color design

As for the color design, it is mostly a matter of choices and preferences. However, different styling of the chair also has a different color scheme. One notable example is the Riviera design of bistros and cafe chairs, with the implementation of a blue, gray, and white color scheme that complements the rattan materials.

  • Pricing

The prices for bistro chair normally would price around $80 to $280. For the authentic rattan bistro and cafe chair, it could be worth more than $300. The prices themselves represent the value and quality of the materials used on the bistros chair. Even though it is much more costly than every other kind of chair, it could be worth it, especially for its design, flexibility, and its durability.

One of the reasons many households love to use bistros chair as their dining chair is because it is very light, yet durable, flexible, and can be used for many reasons for their versatility, and durability.

  • Materials for the chair

Materials for the chair are also very versatile, as the bistros chair could be made from bent wood, aluminum, and also rattan wood. One of the most notable, as well as expensive materials for the bistros chair, is authentic laminated rattan wood. The materials are typically lightweight, and flexible, but prove to have the durability that could withstand heat and weather.

If you are using the bistros chair for outdoor use, be it a garden table, or your patio chair, it is best to choose durable materials and weatherproof such as aluminum and rattan.

That’s our guide on how to choose and buy the best bistro chair for your dining room. There are many things to consider when buying the best dining chairs, from their design, functionality, height, as well as its contemporary design. See also our other articles regarding the best contemporary interior design, how to choose the best rattan bistro wooden chair and many other interesting interior design ideas.