Rattan Bistro Chair: Dining Chair Best Choice

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Rattan bistro chair is one of the most classic pieces of furniture that has been very popular in the United States and Europe since the 90s. The Bistro chair, also sometimes called as French Bistro chair, is one of the classic pieces of chairs, and many people loved to use the bistro chair as their dining room chair, cafe chair, patio chair, and many more, as they are classic choices, durable, and has many advantages over a regular wooden chair.

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So, if you want to know more about Bistro chairs, the history behind their popularity among US and European households, why they are called French cafe bistro chairs, and so on, make sure to read out more in our article here.

What is Bistro Chair?

A Bistro chair is a piece of furniture that has been named a French cafe chair, and a French bistro chair. The chair is typically made from flexible, light yet durable materials such as rattan, aluminum, and poly plastic. The most popular type of bistro chair is made of rattan, as the rattan bistro chair is very popular as the choice for dining chair, perfect for a classic, contemporary style dining room, and rustic furniture.

The Bistro chair is typically characterized by its versatility, light, yet very durable chair, and popular use as a cafe or bistro chair. It is used all around the world, for cafes, cobblestone walk cafes, outside restaurants, and many residential homes all around the world. It is popularized by many French cafes, in Paris, sometimes being called a French cobblestone cafe chair.

Interesting History Behind Bistro Chair

Bistro chair has been one of the most popular choices for dining room furniture, especially for many outdoor cafes, bistros, and eateries all around the world. However, how does it start? How does the bistro chair start from just regular flexible chairs to one of the most popular choices for dining room chairs and furniture?

Its history began with Michael Thonet, an Austrian-German designer living from 1796 to 1871. He began his career as a carpenters’ apprentice, before starting to work independently as a craftsman. In the 1830s, He began experimenting and trying to make furniture out of flexible, bonded wooden slats. In 1836, he created Boppard layer wood chairs, the chair was fundamental in his creation of bistro chairs.

Thonet bentwood furniture art began booming as a furniture business, and his workshop was awarded a Bronze medal during the World Exposition in London in 1838. The simple classic Bistro chair was made of six bent wooden components, held together with binding, nuts, and screws. It is inspired many people to experiment with brand new materials such as rattan wood, and aluminum.

However, back before Thonet started working in his workshop, people of South Eastern Asia have been making rattan craftsmanship of chairs, similar to the bistro chair itself. The rattan craftsmanship among the different nations of South East Asia seems crude, and traditional, however, it is considered exotic handmade craftsmanship by original Asian craftsmen.

Looking to Buy for Bistro Chair? Here Are a Few Things to Consider

If you want to buy a Bistro chair for your dining room, and want to create a rustic feeling of classic furniture, then you have come to the right place. There are many styles, colors, and different types of bistro chairs, ranging from different types, categories, and different styles. So, here are a few things to consider when you are trying to purchase the best rattan bistro chair for your dining room or patio chairs.

  • Consider the color and styling

There are many stylings, colors, as well as the category for dining bistro chairs, it also has different styles, made from different workshops, such as the Riviera, Sun washed, Outdoor bistro, and Chevron chairs.

Each of the different stylings also has its unique distinctive color, pattern, as well as materials they use. Consider its color and style with the atmosphere of your dining room.

  • Make sure the height of the chair is suitable for your dining table

Nothing more awkward than buying a chair but it turned out that it is way lower or higher than your table. Make sure to measure how high your table is before considering buying your dining bistro chair. If you are buying online, make sure to know its specifications, heights, etc.

  • Consider for outdoor or indoor uses

Some bistro chairs are perfect for outdoor use; however, some were also better suited for indoor instead. Outdoor bistro chair needs to be made from materials that are generally weatherproof, such as aluminum, and laminated rattan. If you are buying for outdoor patio garden chair, then it is best to consider its materials and weatherproof aspect.

For indoor use, what you need to consider is perhaps the styling, and specifications of its chair. Specifications of its chair such as height, chair materials, color, and styling should be considered, especially if you want to create rustic, classic looks in your dining room.

  • Pricing, styling, and where to purchase it

The pricing of some bistro chairs might be more expensive than other chairs. Bistro chairs, especially the authentic ones, made from rattan, with special styling might be more expensive than a usual chair. However, its cost would also bring quality, durability, and also unique styling to the bistro chair.

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