Learn to Decorate Using Contemporary Furniture

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Many people like the idea of minimalistic, modern interiors that are cold, simple, and practical, many people also choose the idea of rustic, traditional, and 80s to 90s furniture that takes them back to the good old times. In many today’s households, many people are seeking comfort in minimalistic, as well as contemporary style that is welcoming, warm, and charming.

The contemporary style of interior design is the style that defines comfort and welcoming, not too simplistic like the modern minimalist, or the rustic traditional design, but somewhere in between with the priority of comfort, and charm. Nowadays, you can apply contemporary design not just in your homes, but also in the office, stores, office desks, loft apartments, and traditional brick-and-mortar homes.

This article will show you things you should know about contemporary interior design, how to design your space to create a comforting, and charming contemporary style, as well as choosing the correct furniture for its design.

So, What Is Contemporary Interior Design?

What is the definition of contemporary interior design itself? Well, the contemporary design is characterized by its simplicity; focus on its functionality, subtle sophistication, the deliberate usage of surface texture, along with clean lines.

The contemporary design rather showcasing the space itself, rather than the furniture, so it creates a sense of wholeness when you are designing as a whole contemporary interior design. The differences between minimalistic design and contemporary are mostly because contemporary design focuses on functionality, with simple sophistication as a bonus.

The Focus of the Contemporary Design

Just as we mentioned earlier, contemporary interior design focuses on simplicity and functions, and it focuses on the whole space, rather than individual things. Modern and contemporary furniture focuses on its style, focusing on the use of color, shape, and space. Contemporary design looks fresh, simple, yet sleek and elegant.

To achieve the looks of contemporary design, you need to understand basic rules about it, as well as the focus of each design. Therefore, here are a few basic rules, as well as the focus on contemporary furniture.

  1. Color combination

Neutral’s color such as white, black, and gray would be the main color idea and combinations for contemporary style furniture. Black is used as the base color, with the palette and other furniture that has bright and bold colors matching it. Find the best color combinations that suit your taste, such as with color accessories, furniture, walls, and lighting.

  1. Line and Spacing

One of the distinct patterns for contemporary furniture is line and spacing. The line itself was straight, vertical, or curved lines with visible lines that are evident for the contemporary styled home.

Space is also an important element for the contemporary style home, space between furniture, between upper areas, between flooring, all of the spaces that could be filled with objects, or left empty. You also should take note of the structural elements such as air vents, ceilings, water pipes, broken bricks, windows, etc.

  1. Flooring

Flooring for the contemporary furniture style should be smooth, bare, and minimum, using tile, vinyl, or wood. You can also choose carpets that damp the sound, and warmth for your feet. You can choose from many commercial grades of flooring that add color and texture to the overall spaces of your home.

  1. Lighting

Lighting, tracking and recessed lighting could improve how you see the furniture itself. Consider installing dim lighting sources, such as cove lighting, and indirect lighting in your room, as means to create a more contemporary, and warm style.

  1. Contemporary styled furniture

Furniture pieces that would be simple, yet functional, and prove to have a bold statement of styling should be one of your best choices when trying to get a contemporary feel for your home. Clean geometric shapes with color combinations of neutral colors, as well as made from natural fibers, cotton, wool, wood, and rattan.

That’s our basic guide on how to achieve a contemporary interior design in your home. Choosing the right furniture to add, to throw out, and its positioning, as well as the combinations of color, might, seems hard to do, but don’t worry because we got your back, as we can give you here a few tips and pointers.