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Lately, I have noticed a large increase in computers using unsafe search engines.  It has gotten so bad that an average of 80% of the computers
that I see are using bad search engines.  If you are unsure what a search engine is, its Google, Yahoo, MSN and many others.  What I mean by a
"bad" search engine, is a search engine that manipulates your search results for advertising, spyware, or virus infecting intentions.  The search
engine will redirect your searches to websites that are paying to receive your traffic, or to a compromised website that is used to install spyware
and/or viruses onto your computer.

I have recently tested Google Chrome, Internet explorer, and Firefox with these bad search engines, and even is situations where you can tell the
browser to not allow a search engine change, the bad search engine was able to make the change every time!  I then tested installing these search
engines with many of the top antivirus and spyware programs installed, and not one of them flagged or attempted to stop the install.  Most of the
scanners would however see the offender if you ran a full scan, but how good is security if its not stopping the attack at the point of infection.  We
have always recommended and used Kaspersky Internet Security and its worked great for us and our customers, but again, it does not stop the
change of search engine or install.  After doing some research, it seams that most of the "bad" search engines are not installed quietly like a virus,
but instead, they are packaged during software installs.  This means when you download a piece of software, there will be a screen in the install
where other software is being offered along side with the software you intended to install.  By default, the "extra" software will always be checked to
be included.  This is the important part!!!!  Its up to you, the user, to uncheck any and all extra software with ANY software install.  Unfortunately,
even reputable software distributors will include spyware along with the install.  For example, Cnet used to be totally safe, but I tried to
download some software the other day there, and everything came with spyware!!!  You can still download safe software there, but make sure to
uncheck any extra software.  Always be wary during Internet browsing to watch for browser redirect or home page changes.

In conclusion, watch your Internet browsers home page and search engine.  If there are any changes, you may be infected with spyware, a virus, or a
bad search engine!
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Search engines and other programs to
  • Conduit
  • MyWebSearch
  • Default Tab
  • Delta Toolbar
  • Mixi Dj Toolbar
  • Wajam
  • MyPcBackup
  • SweetPacks Toolbar
  • SweetIM
  • Babylon Toolbar
  • ilivid
  • 24x7 PC Help
  • Whitesmoke
  • PC Power Speed
  • Searchnu
  • Internethelper3.1
  • AppGraffiti
  • ARO 2013
  • consumer input
There are many others, and I'll update the list as we go, but basically, I recommend to only use either Google, Yahoo,
or Bing.  This same logic goes to toolbars, if its not Bing, Google, or Yahoo, you should ask us or do the research to
see if it contains spyware.

Check your search bar and go into your computers control panel and the into
  • Windows XP:        Add/remove programs
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8        Programs and features
  • simply un installing the software is not enough, call us for a complete spyware and virus removal!
  • albrechto
  • MyWordTool
  • Tidy Network
  • referenceboss toolbar
  • Desk365
  • Feven 1.7
  • Sammsoft toolbar
  • Vafmusic2 toolbar
  • Social Privacy
  • Social Privacy DNS
  • fast free convertor
  • Bomlabio
  • DMUninstaller
  • Sysaver
  • internet updater
  • select-n-go
  • Trustworthy toolbar
  • Solteratop
  • lyricsparty
  • PC Health kit v3.2
  • web layers 3.0.0
  • software version updater
  • sendori
  • IB updater service
  • Delta toolbar for Chrome
  • internet explorer toolbar by
  • less tabs
  • toparcadehits
  • linksicle
  • severe weather alerts
  • YTD downloader V. 1.8
  • plus.HD.4.8
  • Safe Saver
  • Search Protect (conduit)
  • wowicoupon
  • Optimizer Pro V.3.2
  • Saltarsmart
  • Rich media
  • Strong Vault