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Computer Virus and Spyware Removal Service                                                                                                        
With this package we will clean your computer, remove any viruses, worms and spyware in there, and then get your computer,
desktop or laptop, up to speed and secure and set up an anti virus and firewall program.  Repair that computer and safe the Internet
safely without worry today!!!
Only available by pick up and drop off.  Please allow 1-2 days for this service, but next day service is common.

Basic Tune-up and  Computer Repair Service                                                                                                      
Miss the way your computer used to run?  We’ll clean up and repair your laptop or desktop hard drives, update all your programs and
software, and remove and repair any unnecessary files or programs, getting your computer up to speed again.  We will also make
sure your programs and Windows are up to date with the most recent updates.

Hard Drive Data Transfer Service
Is your old computer beyond repair? We can get that data off it for you.  If you need data from one hard drive to another, we can do
it.  Take all your data from that old computer to make your transition to the new one go easier.  
Available by pick up and drop off only.

Hard Drive Replacement / Upgrade Service
Let us replace that failing or dead hard drive, we can also upgrade your existing hard drive or add another for extra storage.  
Available for desktop and laptop computers.

Laptop Lcd Screen Replacement / Upgrade Service
Is you laptops screen scratched, damaged, cracked, or just not working.  We can replace it with either a matte or glossy finished
screen and get your laptop back in action.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement Service
Is your laptops keyboard missing keys?  Are your keys sticking or worn?  We can replace that keyboard and get your laptop back up
to speed.

Laptop CD/DVD/Blu Ray Replacement / Upgrade Service
We can replace that failing CD/DVD drive or upgrade your drive so you can record and/or play CD's, DVD's, or even Blu ray.

Desktop Hardware Replacement / Upgrade Service
Upgrade or replace your desktop computer.

Startup Repair (Blue screen repair) Service
Your computer won't start up???  We can help you with either virus, driver, or update issues causing your computer to not start up.  
Fix the dreaded Blue screen of death.  Available on desktop and laptop computers.

Operating system Install / Upgrade Service
Let us upgrade your computer to the newest operating system.  We can also reinstall your operating system.  Prices vary on
operating system and upgrades or clean installs.

Online Backup with Mozy
Compudoc Computer Repair is now a Mozy online backup affiliate.  Sign up today to protect your data!!

Data Recovery
Data recovery services for residential customers.  No charge if no data is recovered!  Hard drives, usb drives and external drive

Kaspersky Internet Security
The best antivirus software on the market!  We can sell it and install it for you, not one customer infected while using it since 2006!

Free computer repair diagnosis Phoenix AZ and Glendale AZ
Free diagnostic available on most models.  Next day service, no risk.

Windows XP is at the end of its support cycle, we can advise you on weather to upgrade, or to buy a new computer!

Compudoc computer repair in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale Arizona offers many other services, from laptop lcd replacement
and other hardware upgrades, to troubleshooting of software issues.  Call us today at 623-330-2765 for all your computer repair
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