Windows Reinstall or upgrade
Are you currently using Windows XP as your operating system?  If so, its time to upgrade that computer, or to
transfer your files to a newer computer with a supported operating system.  Windows is no longer supporting
Windows XP, so we can no longer recommend using it.  Windows XP will no longer receive updates, rendering
the operating system vulnerable to viruses and other problems.  Windows Vista is still supported, as well as
Windows 7 and 8.

If you have recently purchased a new computer with Windows 8, and you do not like the interface, there are
options other than downgrading to Windows 7.  Windows does plan to offer a future update to return the
interface to a "Windows 7" look and feel.  In the meantime, check out classic shell, its free software to do the
same thing, you will get your desktop back!

An operating system reinstall is needed for some computer repair problems.  We can do this for you, and back
up all of your data and settings in the process.  The data is scanned for viruses before being loaded onto the
reinstalled Windows operating system.  Many problems from a hard drive failure, a bad virus, accidental file
deletion, power surges, ram failures and other hardware failures and other computer issues can corrupt you
operating system files, and a reinstall will take care of it.

A large majority of our customers own a computer running Windows XP.  Windows XP has been the
workhorse operating system for a long time, and although its still a great OS, Microsoft will no longer support  
XP soon.  By not supporting XP, upgrading and driver issues become more likely.

With some versions of Windows, you will be able to upgrade to the version of Windows that you choose, with
other versions, you will need to do a full install instead of an upgrade.  I can offer help here so that you do not
buy the wrong version.

We always inspect your system prior to upgrade to make sure all of your hardware and software will function
correctly after the upgrade or install.
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