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Windows XP end of support
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end of support windows xp
Microsoft is no longer going to be supporting Windows XP.  What this means is that
Microsoft will no longer work on issuing updates for security, drivers, or any other
updates to the operating system.  What does this mean for current Windows XP users?

Windows XP is already a major target for hackers and virus and spyware authors due
to the fact that it is still so widely used world wide.  The older code used to write
Windows XP is also not as secure as newer operating systems such as Windows 7 or
8.  Going forward, if there are any other security flaws in Windows XP, Microsoft will
not issue any updates to "plug" the security breach, thus making XP even less secure
in the days going forward.  You also may see issues with newer hardware that may or
may not be designed to support Windows XP anymore.

So now you ask, do I need to upgrade?  In most cases, yes, you should.  But this
depends on the computer that is currently running XP.  Most computers running
Windows XP are using 32 bit technology, and much of the newer software today
requires a 64 bit system.  Upgrading from 32 bit to 64 bit is not very feasible since you
would need to replace both the motherboard and processor, and most likely the Ram
will need to be changed as well.  In this case, just buy a new computer.  If you are a
user who only uses their computer for solitaire, email, and basic web searches, you
could get by using that XP computer until it dies, but a new computer is recommended.  
Just note that Internet explorer for Windows XP will no longer be updated as well, so
you should use a browser like Google Chrome that will continue to receive updates for
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