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If there is one constant that I hear about when talking with customers about viruses, the
question of "Where did I get this virus?", will usually come up.  Many times the infection
came after checking you E-mail.  Some of the worst virus infections that I have seen,
including the new and terrible
Cryptolocker, are spreading using links in E-mails and
infected E-mail attachments.

Is E-mail even safe to use anymore?  Yes, but to be honest, you should NOT open any
E-mail attachments or click on any link within an E-mail that takes you to another website.  
When I say any, I do mean any.  A common practice is to infect a users E-mail account or
to take a password for a users E-mail account.  Next, they will send out E-mails to
everyone on that users friends list with infected website links and attachments.  For this
reason, the only time I will click a link or attachment in E-mail is if I can verify with the
person that they really sent the E-mail.

Another common trick by these spammers is that they will send a business a fake "BBB or
Dunn and bradstreet" complaint.  Or you will get a fake bank notice, or even fake bill
collectors.  Never respond to any E-mail like this.  If you think you bank is trying to contact
you, call them, or log into the website yourself to verify if the E-mail was real.

Don't forget that reading an E-mail is totally safe, its when you open attachments or click
on links that take you to websites that is unsafe.  Having a good antivirus software is also
helpful as some can scan attachments for viruses, but do not rely on this, no antivirus is
100% safe.  If your E-mail site displays ads, you should avoid the ads as well.  Avoiding
ads altogether is another good practice to avoid getting infected with a virus.
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