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Dangerous Cryptolocker virus encrypts data and asks for
money for decryption!
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cryptolocker virus
New cryptolocker virus warning, virus encrypts your data and asks for money to
retrieve it!
A new virus making the rounds right now is cryptolocker.  This is probally the
scariest and worst virus in years.  As of now, the method of infection has not been
confirmed, but some users linked it to infected e-mail attachments.  Even worse, is
that early reports show antivirus software will detect the initial infection, but it will
not stop the virus from encrypting your files.  The virus looks for several types of
files to encrypt, but focuses on word and office documents.

In the past we have seen many different viruses out there that would basically hide
user data from the user and say that the data is lost, corrupted, or stolen.  The
virus writer would then ask for money to return the files.  A computer tech could still
remove the virus and "unhide" the hidden files for the customer.  The problem with
cryptolocker is that it uses encryption methods on your data that makes decrypting
the data next to impossible.  Thats right, as of now, if you get this virus, you cannot
remove the virus, I repeat, do not remove the virus initially.  Right now the only way
to get your data back is to pay the virus writers, and as of now that bill is up to
$300 and likely to increase.  If you remove the virus, you cannot pay the virus
writers to get your data back without reinfecting the computer with the same virus
again!  This one is just crazy!!!  Right now, techs from around the world are
working on this one, and hopefully we have a solution for it.

As for my suggestions to my customers, first off, back up all of your important data
now!!!!  Keep the backup on an external drive that is not connected to your
computer or use and online backup service.  If you do not have backups, you'll be
forced to pay to get your data back, and for some users, paying didn't get their data
decrypted!  Make sure your computer has all of the latest updates, including
Windows, Java, Adobe, and your security software.  Do NOT open any email
attachements unless you know for sure that user was sending you an attachment,
don't even open it because you know the person who sent it, their account could
be infected and the virus is sending out infected attachements or website links to
everyone on their "buddy list".

I am monitoring this one closely and I'll update this post if any decryption methods
arise or if a certain security software is able to block the infection.

Update:   As more of these infections are seen in the wild, we are noticing
that the vast majority of the infections are coming from email attachments.  
Again, no one should EVER open any email attachment or click on any
email link, unless they know for sure that the sender actually sent the
items, and that its not just the fact that the user is infected and sending out
infected attachments and links in emails.  We can now install a small piece
of software on your computer to block this infection!  Call us today!

Update:  Some antivirus software is now able to stop this infection, you will
have to check with the maker of your antivirus software to see if it will stop
the Cryptolocker infection.  A user on a forum I belong to has also put out
free software to block the infection!
 Download Cryptoprevent here!
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