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Conduit search engine unsafe, considered
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Conduit search engine is an unsafe search engine.  It is another of the many spyware
laden search engines that we see frequently on computers brought in for computer repair.  
Like most spyware type search engines, you will get spam ads and redirected searches.

In most cases, the user downloads Conduit search unknowingly during another software
download.  We are seeing many other spyware search engines being installed
unknowingly along with valid safe software.  When ever you are downloading any
software, take care to read each page before clicking next.  More often than not, the user
downloads the spyware by clicking "next" too fast and not reading the pages.  Usually, the
spyware is on one of the install pages as supplemental software to download.  The key
here is that every time, the spyware, by default will be checked in the box to be included in
the download.  Here is where you will need to uncheck the extra software and only
download what you were initially trying to download.  If you are ever unsure if any software
is safe or not, call us or email us through our homepage at www.azcompudoc.com.
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