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Conduit search engine unsafe, considered spyware
Conduit search engine is an unsafe search engine.  It is another of the many spyware
laden search engines that we see frequently on computers brought in for computer
repair.  Like most spyware type search engines, you will get spam ads and redirected
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New cryptolocker virus warning, virus encrypts your data and asks for money to retrieve
A new virus making the rounds right now is cryptolocker.  This is probably the scariest
and worst virus in years.  As of now, the method of infection has not been confirmed, but
some users linked it to infected e-mail attachments.
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cryptolocker virus
E-mail attachments and E-mail links to websites, if you want a virus, this is the place to go
If there is one constant that I hear about when talking with customers about viruses, the
question of "Where did I get this virus?", will usually come up.  Many times the infection
came after checking you E-mail
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e-mail attachments and links virus
hackers phone calls support microsoft virus removal
Hackers and thieves calling you to inform you that your computer has been infected,
hacked, or otherwise compromised.  Don't fall for this scam!!
A fairly common trick for hackers to get money from you is to call you with the bad news
that your computer is either infected with viruses and adware, or that your computer has
been hacked into.  The caller will claim to be from Microsoft, or another reputable
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Microsoft ending support of Windows XP
Microsoft is no longer going to be supporting Windows XP.  What this means is that
Microsoft will no longer work on issuing updates for security, drivers, or any other
updates to the operating system.  What does this mean for current Windows XP users?
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Microsoft no longer offering support for Microsoft Security Essentials
Microsoft is no longer going to be supporting Microsoft Security Essentials along with
support for Windows XP.  Current users of Microsoft Security Essentials will want to
switch to either another free antivirus software, or for even more security, you will want
to upgrade to a paid full featured antivirus software.
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end of support windows xp
microsoft security essentialss