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Use caution using registry cleaners, driver finders, and
other optimization tools
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One thing that is common here in the shop is that we get computers with registry cleaners,
driver finders and other optimization tools.  Many times, the user experiences a problem, and
they do a Google search which will lead to ads and posts about registry cleaning software,
driver update software, or other "cleanup" tools.  What the user doesn't know is that many of
these "tools" are filled with spyware, or they are rogue security products, meaning, its a virus
trying to look like a legit piece of software.  Even when the "tools" are not using spyware or
viruses, they can still do damage to your computer and often will not solve your problem, but
will end up making it worse!

It is my opinion, and many other techs will agree, that novice users should not use registry
cleaning software.  All it takes is one registry entry to be changed to render your computer
unbootable.  Many registry cleaners will backup any changes, but if something goes wrong,
you may not be able to boot the system to restore the original registry.  While I also agree
that in the right hands a registry cleaner can be useful, I have hardly ever seen a registry
cleanup make the computer run better or any faster.

I also see driver finder software on many of the computers here in the shop.  Too many times,
this software grabs the wrong driver, or grabs it from an unsafe website that could have
viruses or spyware attached.  Another issue is that this software usually runs at startup and
can slow down your computer.  If you want to update your drivers, go to the source, Windows
update, or manufacturers websites.

Take caution using "optimization" software as well, we see tons of rogue virus products in
this category.  If you want to optimize your computer, defrag the hard drive, run disk cleanup
or use the general cleaner on CCleaner from  Then update your
computer, thats all you need to do.  Most "optimization" software only does runs tools already
built into Windows anyway, and they end up slowing down your computer in the end.

Avoid any cleanup or speed up software advertised on TV such as "finally fast' or "PC quick"
or any other TV product.  We see these installed on computers in the shop all the time.  For
one, legit antivirus software will flag them as a virus themselves.  Also, they usually have so
many "scans" running on the computer, that your computer drags down to a slow pace.  If you
don't believe me, Google any of the products from TV, all you will see are complaints.  When
we do virus removal, no one product cleans the virus, we use dozens of tools and various
manual removal techniques.
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