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I do a fair amount of virus removals and one thing that I see often on infected
computers is that the search engine built into the Internet browser has been changed.  
Normally, this is no problem, as there are many safe and effective search engines out
there.  Examples like Google, Yahoo, Bing, ASK and others are among the choices
you have when choosing a search engine.  Choosing one is a matter of personal
preference as long as you use a reputable search engine.

Many times, the customer won't even know that the search engine has been changed.  
I've seen many various software installations that during the install it will attempt to
switch your search engine to a custom one of their choosing.  Other times, the change
to the search engine is done without the customer even knowing it.  The problem is
that most of these unknown or custom search engines are directing traffic to infected
websites, or to affiliate websites who pay them to get you to click on websites.  Almost
every virus infected computer I work on has a custom search engine installed.  This
happens with Internet explorer, Firefox, and Chrome, as well as any other popular
browsers.  To change your default search engine, just do an Internet search for
"change default search engine" followed by "chrome" or "Firefox" or whatever browser
you are using.  Directions vary for each one.

Mywebsearch is a common spyware search we see often.  Its labeled as spyware and
should be removed if you have it.  We also notice it places hundreds of files all over
your computer.  There are others to watch for, but as long as you stay with the big
guys like Google, Yahoo, Bing or Ask, you'll be OK.

Shoot us an email or give us a call if you're having issues changing your browsers
default search engine.
Which search engine is your browser using?  Some are
better than others
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