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Nowadays, every website you belong to, or use on a regular basis, requires a
password. Most computer users will end up trying to use the same password for every
account to make it easy to remember. Unfortunately, if someone is able to get your
password, they now have access to all of your accounts! Another problem with
password management, is the fact that each website will have a different requirement
for you the password and username. Sometimes the password will need to include
capital letters, sometimes the password will need to include numbers or symbols. This
adds to the number of passwords you will end up needing.

LastPass in a browser based addon that can remember, and enter your passwords for
all of the websites that require a login and password.  LastPass can even generate a
login and password for you.  Your logins and passwords are encrypted and decrypted
locally, adding to the security of using LastPass.

I will admit that I first started using LastPass, a few years ago, they did e-mail me,
there was an attempt by hackers to gain access to their databases.  They claimed no
data was taken.  Lately, LastPass added more security and encryption to their
service.  I still use and trust LastPass with my passwords.  I will admit though, that I
don't have my banking, email, or other financial passwords to the saved in LastPass,
but its useful for the other 100 or so passwords I keep.

You can try the free version of
LastPass here.
lastpass password manager
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