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More Java Zero Day exploits, even more reasons
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If there is one commonality we see when doing virus removals on computers is that the
vast majority of the time, there is a Java exploit installed along with the virus, or it was
the exploit the virus used to infect the computer in the first place.  In case you don't
know, a "zero day" exploit is a new exploit that takes advantage of a security flaw that
is not fixed yet.  All viruses and exploits are zero day when they are new in the wild.  
Java is one of the most exploited pieces of software that a virus will use to infect your
computer.  The issue here is that there are still many websites that you will need Java
in order to use and view the website correctly.  Due to this, many users have to keep
Java on their computer.  The one way to help keep your computer secure and to still
use Java, is to make sure you update Java.  

In order to update Java, you can go into your control panel and click on the Java icon.
Look for the "update" tab and update Java.  Another way is to check your system tray
by your clock, odds are, if you have Java and it needs an update, there will be a Java
icon in the tray.  It is a small orange square with their logo.  Lastly, you can go to
www.Java.com to download the newest version.

Along with Java, its important to keep a good paid and updated antivirus product, such
as Kapsersky Internet Security on your computer as well for more protection.
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