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Your Hard Drive, the most important part, and the fastest
to fail.  Tips for better hard drive life.
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The Hard Drive in your computer is possibly the most important part in your
computer.  The hard drive is where all of the data and software on your computer is
stored.  People often confuse this with "memory" which is actually RAM, not a hard
drive, and no data is stored permanently in the "memory" or RAM, it is all stored on
your hard drive.  Unfortunately, the hard drive is also the most common part to fail
on your computer, especially on a laptop.

The main issues that cause damage to your hard drive are movement, and heat.  
Both of these issues are very prevalent on laptops, so laptop hard drives have the
highest failure rates.  Desktop computers do not move, and have more fans and
more empty cooling space inside the desktop chassis.  Laptops all run hot, and
moving them while the computer is on, puts the hard drive at risk for damage.

Some things to watch for on your computer to know if your hard drive may be failing:
  • Computer freezes or hangs (no movement at all, even with the mouse pointer)
  • Computer blue screen errors
  • Computer running chkdsk at startup
  • clicking noise from hard drive
  • fall damage to laptop or desktop computer

With hard drives failing pretty often, its very important to back up your data!  If you
need help making a backup of your data, we can help!  If your hard drive is failing
or your computer is freezing or having start up issues, we can help with that too!
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