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If there is a winner for the most common virus lately, or for the virus with the most
work put into it, it has to be the FBI virus or one of its variants.  This virus is
another of the common "rogue" software viruses.  Rogue software is trying to look
like a legit piece of software.  The most common rogues are usually fake antivirus
scanning softwares, but the FBI virus goes the extra steps to look legit and to take
over your computer.

The FBI virus tries to use scare tactics to convince you to pay a fine, often
associated with child porn or other illegal web surfing activities.  If your computer is
equipped with a webcam, some variants of the virus will even attempt to turn on the
webcam to make you believe the FBI is watching you!  Most of the time, when you
receive this infection, your computer will only boot up to a fake FBI warning
directing you to send in a "fine" using MoneyPak or another service, DO NOT PAY

This virus is not an easy one to remove, and will often come bundled with other
viruses and many times we see rootkits with this infection.  Rootkits are particularly
nasty to remove correctly without damaging Windows files.  If you have this virus,
call us immediately for a virus removal service.
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