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evoluent vertical mouse for carpal tunnel sufferers
Being in the computer repair industry, I have had bouts with carpal tunnel and other
tendinitis issues for years. The problem I had, and that many other people have, is
that if you're starting to get tendinitis and carpal tunnel, then you need to adjust your
arm and back posture, and do stretches to release tension in your arm. In the end
the best fix, is to lower your computer time.  Many of us out there have to use
computers for work, so it is difficult to put in less time at the computer. One thing I
tried, that may help you out is the Evoluent Vertical Mouse.  

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse twists the position of the mouse sideways. This
positioning of the mouse allows your hand to hold the mouse in the "handshake"
position.  This position is much more natural for your wrist and arm. When you are
using a standard mouse there is a twist between your hand in your arm in the wrist
area. This binds up the muscles and tendons causing more irritation, adding to the
negative effects of carpal tunnel and tendinitis.

The mouse comes in a variety of types including left and right-handed mouse,
wireless and wired mouse, as well as a small and regular sized mouse. After
suffering carpal tunnel, I tried many different types of computer mice, and this one
seemed to work the best for me. A trackball mouse is another good option, but that
inflamed the tendinitis in my knuckles more when I used it.

Evoluent's website here to order a vertical mouse.
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