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Customer Question:  Should I buy a laptop, the
sales guy said desktops are obsolete?
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Just the other day, another customer came to me with this question.  A sales guy at
a local store told them that desktop computers are obsolete and that they should
purchase a laptop computer instead.
Not only does this guy have no idea what he is talking about, but in many cases, a
desktop computer makes much more since to buy versus a laptop, or a tablet

First off, and most importantly, is that the lifespan of a laptop computer vs. a
desktop computer is drastically different.  A laptop, on average lasts only 1- 3
years, where we see desktops basically running until they are obsolete.  Don't get
me wrong, some laptops, if cared for, will last just as long as a desktop.  The
problem is that 2 major killers of a computer are heat and movement or bumping
and dropping.  You can see why a laptop is much more at risk for these issues.  
Laptops are so compact, that they run very hot, versus a desktop, that has more
fans, and more open space for much better cooling.  Desktop computers don't
move, so they don't damage like laptops that are always getting moved somewhere.

Another major issue, desktops are easily upgraded.  With laptops, you can add ram
or a bigger hard drive, thats it.  With desktops, add what you want, motherboards,
processors, ram, hard drive, video cards for video and gaming, sound cards,

Laptops are becoming more powerful, but pound for pound, a desktop is the real
powerhouse.  A laptop will design processors and video to be battery and heat
efficient, holding them back versus their desktop versions.

In the end, its about portability, do you need to be mobile, get a laptop, if not, its a
desktop every time for my money.  And make sure to get a full size desktop, the
smaller ones have part replacement and heat issues like laptops.  As for tablets, if
you just need Internet, they are fine, but for anything else, you'll need a laptop or
desktop computer.
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