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Check your computers time and date to make
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One issue that we see in shop once and awhile is a customer will bring us a computer
that is having issues, updates are failing, antivirus software may be acting strange, or
the computer may be infected with a virus or having other software issues.  All of these
issues can have many causes, but, and incorrect time and date on your computer can
also cause these problems!

Something as simple as the clock and calendar on your computer can cause many
issues.  First off, when your computer tries to do Windows updates, it uses your
computers time and date to sync up what updates are needed on your computer.  If the
date is wrong, the Windows Update may not work or even show up as available.  This is
true with updates to other pieces of software as well.  We also see this with antivirus
software.  If the computers date is not correct, the antivirus software may not update,
meaning any new viruses may infect your computer without your antivirus software being
able to spot and stop the new infection.

If you want to check, or change your computers system clock and date, just click on the
time in the bottom right corner of your computers desktop and change the time and date

If your computer is forgetting its time and date every time the computer is turned off and
then on again, the battery inside the computer that keeps track of time when the
computer is powered off may be bad and need replacing.
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