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With the amount of viruses and virus removal jobs we are seeing in the shop, I
would say that a good antivirus software is one of the most important items on your
computer.  Its hard enough to choose what antivirus software to use, but if you
aren't using it right, you may not be protected.  There are 2 main issues that we'll
discuss that will help you make sure that your antivirus software is working to its
best potential.

The first issue is to choose the right antivirus software to begin with.  I get this
question in shop all the time.  There is only one antivirus software that I've tested
for years, that I recommend and sell to our customers.  I also use it on all of my
personal and business systems, and its Kaspersky Internet Security.  Its the only
paid antivirus software I stand by, and I can't recommend any free antivirus software
unless the customer chooses not to use paid software, but keep in mind, most
viruses we see in shop would NOT be stopped by most free antivirus softwares, or
most paid either.

As far as keeping your antivirus working to its top potential, first off, make sure if
you're using a paid antivirus software, that the paid subscription service is current.  I
can't tell you how many times we've received a computer in the shop infected with a
virus, and the customer said, "i have antivirus" only to find out that it expired and is
no longer protecting the computer.

The other major issue is to make sure your antivirus software is getting updates,
daily at least.  Your antivirus is only as good as its last update, any new virus that
you've not received an update for, will go unnoticed by your antivirus software.

If you thing your computer might have a virus, or if your interested in purchasing
Kaspersky Internet Security for your computer, contact us today!
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