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evoluent vertical mouse for carpal tunnel sufferers
Evoluent Vertical Mouse for mouse hand carpal tunnel issues
After living and working with computers, Carpal tunnel problems can really slow you down.  
We review a great mouse that can help you out!
Read on about the Evoluent vertical mouse
lastpass password manager
LastPass password manager to help remember all those passwords
Every site has a password these days.  Its too hard to remember every single password,
and LastPass can help.  We review LastPass, a great password manager software.
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warning about your e-mail inbox
Spam, and scams, safely navigating your e-mail inbox
Your e-mail inbox is not a safe place!  Many viruses and infections spread via e-mail, we
will try to help you make your inbox a safer place!
Read more about spam and scams in your e-mail inbox
Which search engine is your browser using?  Some are better than others
What is your favorite search engine?  You may be surprised to find out that it may be very
likely that your Internet browsers search engine was changed without you knowing, and
usually the change, is not a safe one!
Read on about browser search engines
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Your Hard Drive, the most important part, and the fastest to fail.  Tips for better hard drive
The hard drive, the fastest to fail, and the most important.  Your hard drive is where all of
your precious data and software is stored.  If it fails, you can lose everything!  We'll help
you to lower the chances that your hard drive dies!
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hard drive
Use caution using registry cleaners, driver finders, and other optimization tools.
Many of the computers we see are filled with registry cleaners, driver finders and other
optimization tools.  I'll explain why, more often than not, this stuff will cause more
problems than they fix!
Read more about registry cleaners, driver finders and more
ccleaner software for tuneups
More Java Zero Day exploits, even more reasons to update or remove Java
Java, its hard to surf the Internet without it, and easy to get a virus if its not updated.  
We'll go over how important it is to update Java!
Read on about Java updates and exploits
java update
Check your computers time and date to make sure its correct!!
Something as simple as having the wrong date and/or time set on your computer can
cause all sorts of issues!  We'll help you manage the clock and date and keep your
computer up to speed!
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Is your antivirus software activated and updating, if not, your computer is at risk!
Your antivirus software is only as secure as its last update!  Tips and reasons to update
your antivirus software.  Your antivirus software may even be turned off!
Read on about updating antivirus software
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Buying a custom computer, make sure Windows and any other software are legit.
How to know if that custom computer has stolen software on it.  This is a major problem
we see every day, custom computers with pirated software, and we even see terrible
computer techs who install this software as well!
Read on about custom computers and legit software
microsoft windows
FBI rogue virus still making the rounds
The FBI rouge virus is still out there, and its got hundreds of variants out there.  
Removal techniques vary, and none of them are easy!
Read more about the FBI virus
compudoc computer repair
Customer Question:  Should I buy a laptop, the sales guy said desktops are obsolete?
Another customer just asked this question, are desktop computers obsolete?  We go
over the pros and cons of owning a desktop computer.
Read more about if desktop computers are obsolete?
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