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recovery partition
It used to be that when you would buy a new computer you would get a CD
containing the operating system.  This CD would be used to reinstall Windows on
your computer if needed.  You will need to back up your data first, as using a
recovery CD or a recovery partition will reinstall Windows on your computer and
make it so your computer is like it was when you first bought it, your data will not be
backed up!  Now most computer manufacturers do not give you a recovery CD.  
Instead your computer will come with software that allows you to create your own
recovery disks (see our
blog post on recovery disks).  In most cases your computer
will have a recovery partition on the hard drive that allows you to reinstall Windows
back to default settings without needing a disk.

To access the recovery partition you will have to hit a keystroke when the computer
is starting up and when it is at the BIOS loading screen, before Windows starts to
load or you see any Windows icons.  The keystroke will differ depending on
manufacturer of the laptop.  You can find which keystroke you need by simply
googling your computer brand plus recovery partition.  The keystroke is usually
using the function key in one of the F keys to load the recovery partition.  Again, I
would like to note that loading the recovery partition will not save your data and you
should backup your data before performing a recovery.  

The recovery partition usually shows up in "My Computer" as the D drive, or as
another drive besides the C drive, not counting usb and CD drives.  Sometimes
recovery partition is  hidden and it will not show up in "My Computer".  The
recovery partition is usually small and well under one gig in size.  DO NOT save
any files to the recovery partition. We often see computers in the shop where
people have saved backup files or other files to the recovery partition.  The
problem with saving files to the recovery partition is that the recovery partition is
very small and will fill up quickly with any file save there.  Once the recovery
partition becomes full, it can greatly affect how your computer runs and cause

The recovery partition is designed to reinstall Windows on the same hard drive.  
You can, however, use a recovery partition to install Windows on a new hard drive
as well.  You will have to use cloning software to clone the drive onto the new hard
drive, from there you can access recovery partition to reinstall Windows on the new

If you have any questions about recovery partitions, or if you need us to help
reinstall Windows on your computer, we can help!
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