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Laptop computers are now becoming more common than desktop computers.
Prices on laptop computers have come down enough to where they are just as
affordable as a good desktop computer. Besides portability, lifespan average is
one major difference between desktop computers and laptop computers. A desktop
computer can run for 5 to 10 years before having a major failure, whereas a laptop
computer averages one to three years before a major failure. This of course is due
the fact that a laptop computer is small and compact and therefore will run at higher
temperatures than a desktop computer, and the fact that a desktop computer does
not move and does not take any bumps, or get dropped.  Here are some tips to
help your laptop computer last longer.

First off there are some tips you can do to increase the lifespan of your laptop
battery. See our
post on laptop battery life here. The main points are the fact that
increase the lifespan of the laptop battery should not leave your charger plugged in
all the time. You should charger battery to full, then use the battery and tell it is
almost empty. Then you should charge the laptop battery all the way to full, now
use the battery without the charger again until it is almost empty before you charge

Be careful around the area where you plug your battery charger into your
computer, this is known as a DC Jack.  We do a lot of DC Jack repairs in the shop,
these are expensive.  DC Jack repairs are caused from either someone tripping on
the board while the laptop is plugged in, or by dropping the laptop were hitting plug
while it is plugged in. Whenever you are moving around your laptop or taking it
somewhere, you should not have your charger plugged into the DC Jack. We get
so many laptops dropped off to us that still have the charger plugged in, this is not
a good idea!

Be careful about moving your laptop computer while it is turned on. When your
laptop is turned on, your hard disk spinning, and any movement can cause damage
to the hard drive. I know it sounds silly, but you should never throw your laptop
either, even if it's in the laptop bag, you don't want to know how many laptops
we've had in for service because they were thrown!  You should own a good laptop
bag with lots of padding.  Laptops aren't cheap, so a good laptop bag is worth it.

The your laptop over and look for the two fan vents, and intake and am output
vent. These vents are very important in keeping your laptop cool. Overheating is a
main cause of death and laptop computers. You'll want to use compressed air to
blow out the fan vents every month or so. Take care not blow too hard directly into
the fan blades, as you can speed the fan up too quickly and damaged the fan.  
Never block these vents, your computer will overheat. Be careful if you're using
your laptop in bed, if the laptop is not in your lap or if there are sheets covering the
vents, it will overheat quickly.

You should also use compressed air to blow out any other vents on your laptop
and to blow out under your keyboard and around the keys. I like to use a good
disinfectant spray like Lysol on the keyboard and mouse area. Make sure you
cover the LCD screen with a paper towel so you do not get Lysol on the screen. To
clean your LCD screen, I recommend water and a soft cloth.

Every few years you should take your laptop into a computer repair shop like us, so
that we can take your laptop apart clean it out. Schedule an appointment today!
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