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The short life of a laptop battery.
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The majority of computers sold today or laptop computers.  For the longest time, laptop
computers struggled to sell my desktop computers.  Desktop computers were much
cheaper and laptop computers had a very short battery life.  Laptop computers have
finally come way down in price.  It is now easy to find a laptop in the same price range
as a desktop.  Laptops have even gotten more powerful and can even be used as
gaming systems.  Battery life, however, has gotten better, but is still a weak spot in the
use of laptop computers.  There are a few things that you can do to help make your
laptop battery last longer.

The first tip for you to help increase the lifetime of your laptop battery is to not leave
your laptop plugged in all the time.  Laptop manufacturers state for best battery life
practices should charger battery to full charge, and then use the laptop until the battery
is fully drained, then recharge the battery again.  While this sounds great in principle,
you will have to take care when using this method.  Charging the battery to a full
charge is the easy part, running the computer until the battery is fully drained is not so
easy.  If you run your computer to the battery is fully drained the computer will shut off
without warning.  When your computer shuts down without shutting down properly
through Windows, not only do you risk open files or data not being saved, but you risk
hard drive corruption, software problems, and other possible hardware issues.  So for
the normal user we would just suggest you charger battery full, use the laptop without
the battery until the last few minutes of charge left on your battery.  Next you want to
turn off the computer charger to pull before using it again.

Using the method above can even revive an older battery sometimes.  It is called
cycling the battery.  To cycle your battery you would need to know how to enter your
computer's BIOS.  To enter the BIOS on the computer you will have to hit a key during
startup, usually you will see a prompt on the screen before Windows loads showing
certain "F" keys to push during startup to change your boot options and to go into your
set up.  The set up is the BIOS.  You want to take care not to make any changes well
in the BIOS, we are not going into the BIOS to make any changes.  The purpose of
going into the BIOS is that if your battery drains fully and the computer shuts down
automatically while you are in the BIOS, you now no longer have to worry about
damaging your operating system, and you shouldn't damage any hardware either.  
With this method you just take an old laptop battery that is now holding its charge well,
and charge the battery to full.  You will then restart the computer and enter the BIOS,
once in the BIOS you allow the laptop to run off the battery without being plugged in.  
Let the laptop use up all of the battery power until the laptop shuts down.  You will now
want to redo this cycle three times, fully charging the laptop, and then discharging the
laptop battery power while in the BIOS.  We have tested this with a few older batteries,
on many of them cycling did nothing to increase the life of the battery, but on a few that
weren't sold, we did see an increase in battery life.

If you have any questions about your laptop battery and you're in the Phoenix Arizona
area, we can help you with all of your
computer repair and laptop repair issues!

Here is another battery tip for you, if your battery is old and needs to be replaced you
may want to try eBay or Amazon. You can buy third-party batteries much cheaper than
OEM replacements.  An original manufacturer battery can run anywhere from $80 up to
$150.  The third-party replacement batteries will run in the $10-$50 range.  The
third-party replacement batteries may not be made as well, but for the price, and if you
find one with a warranty, it may be worth it.  You can find laptop chargers display as
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