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Why I still like A desktop over A laptop
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Are you in the market for new computer?  Until recently laptop computers cost quite a
bit more than desktop computers did.  Now, computers have gotten cheaper and
cheaper to produce, making laptop computers around the same price as a comparable
desktop computer.  We still deal with many customers who own laptop computers, but
they don't really use them as a laptop, the computer spends most of its time at a
desk.  Most customers believe laptop computers Are better than desktop computers,
but I'm going to give you some reasons why you should choose a desktop computer
over a laptop computer.

A desktop computer will last much longer than a laptop computer will last.  The two
main factors that limit the lifespan on a laptop computer are damage from jostling,
moving, or dropping the computer, and the buildup of heat inside the computer.  
Laptops are far more susceptible to movement being that they are portable.  Not only
are all of the laptop components sensitive if the laptop was dropped, but laptop hard
drives can get damage just from having a laptop moved while it's turned on.  Hard
drives are sensitive to any bumps or drops, especially if the hard drive is running.  
When it comes to heat damaging a computer, laptop computers buildup much more
heat than a desktop computer does.  A desktop computer will have anywhere from
one to three cooling fans, whereas a laptop computer will only have one fan.  Desktop
computers are also not so compact, the parts are spaced away from each other and
there is plenty of empty airspace in the case to induce cooling.  With laptop computers
everything is crammed into a small area where heat builds up.

Another main reason that we like desktop computers versus laptop computers is the
fact that you can modify and upgrade a desktop computer.  With a desktop computer
you can easily change the motherboard, the processor, change or add video and
sound cards, add ram, or anything else you would like to do to customize the
desktop.  With a laptop computer, all you can really upgrade hardware wise is the ram
or the hard drive.  I would also take note that with desktop computers, we recommend
the full-sized desktops.  When you get into the smaller form factor desktop computers,
you get into the same problem that laptops have, less room to upgrade parts, and
heat becomes a factor again.
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