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Another common mistake we see when doing repair work on someone's computer here in Phoenix Arizona is that all of the
programs are out of date.  Just about every program out there, even windows, needs software updates.  Anti virus and spyware
programs can update several times daily!  The most important updates are your windows updates.  Usually they are critical
security issues and should be downloaded immediately.  Especially since these updates usually aren't proactive, meaning, they
are responding to a threat that is already out there.  Windows updates can also be for new media players or updates for certain
hardware.  For most people I would suggest just turning auto updates on and select the express option that downloads all the
updates for you.  I usually choose custom however, because there are updates you won't ever use or need that will just take up
space.  Most people however, have more than enough storage on their hard drive, and I would recommend just choosing

Anti virus and spyware programs should also be set to update automatically, or you should check for updates daily, or at least
whenever you use the computer.  I tend to let my anti virus programs auto update, and I choose to update my spyware programs
daily when I run them.  This is just to cut down on time when starting windows.

When choosing a spyware program, you need to be a little more picky.  One good thing is that there are tons of freeware too
sensitive in the scans and remove cookies or files needed for certain websites or programs to work.  Some scanners will even
recognize other scanners as spyware.  A good scanner may even tell you that you have a
"rogue" spyware scanner.  These
scanners will either find bogus items to scare you, or even put spyware into your computer!  But there is good news....   There
are some great reputable scanners out there.  A good place to find them is on C Net's Download.com at www.download.com.   
There you can read user and editor reviews to see if the program is any good.  This is actually a great place for downloading
freeware, trialware or paid programs for just about anything.

You should also be careful about which registry cleaner you use as well.  Some of them may remove registry items that you need
for windows or your programs to work.  Make sure that with whatever program you use that it can restore the registry items it
deletes.  This way you can restore the entries that you deleted if you come across any problems and avoid any computer repair
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