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Free Computer repair diagnosis
free computer diagnosis Phoenix Glendale AZ
Compudoc Computer Repair, offers a free diagnosis for most desktop and laptop
computer problems.  The diagnosis is risk-free, if you choose to not have any
service done, you may pick up your computer at no cost to you.  We offer this
risk-free diagnosis on a next day turnaround.  We will call you the next business
day after you drop off the computer with a repair service quote.  We offer our free
computer repair diagnosis to anyone in the Phoenix, Glendale, or surrounding
area, that are able to drop off and pickup the computer from us.

With the cost of computers going lower every day, we will make sure to let you
know if it will be more cost effective to upgrade to a new computer, versus
repairing the computer you currently have.  If you choose to get a new computer
in lieu of repairing your current computer, we can help you transfer your data and
settings to your new computer!
Our free diagnosis is offered by appointment only, as are all of our computer
repair services.  Please call us at 623-330-2765 to set up a drop off computer
repair / diagnosis appointment or send us an e-mail on our contact us page.  Our
free diagnosis is offered with all PC brands, laptop or desktop computer.  
Compudoc Computer Repair, does have the right to charge for certain diagnosis.  
We will let you know up front and get approval first before charging for any
Compudoc Computer Repair services all brands of PC desktop computers including but not limited to:
Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, IBM, Toshiba, Sony, Compaq, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Gateway, Alienware, Samsung, and others.
Compudoc Computer Repair
3937 W Sahuaro Dr
Phoenix Az. 85029
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