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Data Recovery Phoenix, AZ
Did you lose your data?!?!  Did you accidently reinstall windows without backing up
your data first?  No worry, we can still usually recover data even after a reinstall!  We
can recover data from accidental erasures, windows reinstalls, or failing hard drives.  
Our data recovery service is a flat fee of $50 to $149, depending on recovery service
needed.  If we don't recover any data, there is no charge to you.

Compudoc Computer Repair is now offering Data recovery for Phoenix AZ and
Glendale AZ.  This data recovery service is only available to residential clients and not
available on site.  We can recover data from Hard drives, dead computers, and external
hard drives.  No charge to you if we can't recover any data!  Call today for pricing.  
Customer will be responsible to provide media (i.e. external hard drive) to place
recovered data on if the data takes up more than a standard DVD at 4.7 gigabytes of
data.  This service is available to residential clients only please and we quote a 2-3
business day turnaround time for this computer repair.
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