Backup your important files ASAP!

compudoc computer repair Phoenix AZWith computers, it’s always important to backup your files.  Lately, I have even seen viruses such as Cryptolocker, that will infect your computer, and encrypt your files.  You can have a tech like me remove Cryptolocker, but the only way to unencrypt your data is to pay the writers of the virus, and right now the fee is $300, but it will increase in my opinion.

Unfortunately, computer viruses aren’t the only thing that can cause you to lose important files.  Your hard drive could crash, or the files on the hard drive could become corrupted.  Your computer could be lost or stolen, or you could have a bad drop or wet spill and lose data.  I have seen power outages destroy your computers processor, hard drive, or motherboard, which could result in a loss of data.

When you backup your computer, how and where you backup your computer files is very important as well.  Many customers use Mozy or Carbonite to backup files online.  This method works, but then your computer has to check for changed files every bootup and this can slow down a computer considerably.  Not to mention, retrieving your files can be a several day download.  A good point of online backup is that your data is stored off site, you if your house has a flood or fire, you wouldn’t lose backups that you did locally.

Many external hard drives will have software installed on them to take care of data backups as well.  You can also purchase software off the shelf to help you automate backups as well.  Windows Vista, 7, and 8 all have backup software included inside Windows that you can use.  Just make sure that you backup to an external hard drive or an extra internal hard drive.  DO NOT save data to a recovery partition, this is not an extra hard drive, its just space on the Windows hard drive reserved for reinstallation files.  If the hard drive failed, most likely data on that partition would be lost as well.

If you have any questions on backups, or would like to have us backup your files, see us at for more information.

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  1. I’ve never had a total loss, but I have had an external hard drive power source crap out on me. It’s a very scary few days until you can an enclosure and find out if the hd is ok.

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