Search engine hijacks continue to wreak havok!

compudoc computer repair phoenix azWhen doing virus removals here in my home office, I notice trends in viruses.  What i mean is one week, we’ll be slow for virus removals, next day, I wake up to 15 messages about people with the same or similar virus.  Lately I have noticed that I have been getting more and more computers infected with search engine hijacks.  The unfortunate issue here is that most antivirus solutions right now do not flag or remove these infections.  My only guess is that the antivirus sees the search engine switch as done by the customer and does not flag it.  antivirus may also have a tough time with a search engine change, since the change itself is not a virus, but that the bad search engine will redirect your web searches to an infected website.

Up until now, the most prevalent bad search engines were “conduit” or “my web search”.  I find these on many infected computes, but lately we are seeing a rise in “” infections.  It is hard to know exactly where users get the search engine change, but I warn customers to alsways check out what they are downloading, and make sure any extra software downloads are unchecked.  If you notice a change to your computers search engine, change it immediately to “google”, “yahoo” or another trusted, known search engine.  If the change back won’t work, call us and we can help in the Phoenix Arizona area!

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