Recent “invoice” malware spam to avoid

spam warningYour emails inbox is an ongoing war on spam and viruses looking to get into your computer.  I have always told my customers to take extreme caution when using email.  I never click on links or attachments in my inbox, unless I know for a fact that that sender is supposed to be sending me an attachment or a link.  Even if you know the sender, it does not mean that they are the ones actually sending you the attachment.  Its too easy for hackers to “spoof” their email address so it shows up as any email address that they choose.

Lately there has been an increase in “invoice” malware emails.  The hackers are sending emails for past due bills along with an attachment, hoping that the user opens the attachment,  infecting their computer.  I never do any financial work over email.  If your bank needs to contact you, they will call you.  If I get an email from my bank, I close the email, then go to the banks website and log in there to see if they need anything.  If you are really wondering, you can just call them to confirm they are trying to get into touch with you.

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