The Future of the Operating System is very bleak….. Reasons why Microsoft has failed us and why it won’t get better

windows 10

windows 10

It has become very clear to me, as a person who repairs PC computers (Windows), that Bill Gates, and anyone else at Microsoft that knew what they were doing is long gone.  Windows 8 was a total and complete disaster, and Windows 10 is nothing but Windows 8, with a start menu.  I would not give my worst enemy either version of Windows.  I’m even currently looking at new career options.  I CANNOT keep servicing these lemons of the operating system world without letting my customers know how I feel about them. Continue reading

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Done with all new computers…….. buy refurbished windows 7 computers. Windows 8 and 10 are garbage!!!!!!

Windows 8First off, I’m not a refurbisher.  I am a computer tech, home based, and honest.  Windows 8 has been the most unreliable operating system ever!  It will crash right out of the box.  I can’t count the number of brand new, still in the box Windows 8 computers that I’ve opened up, turned on, only to watch the computer go into an update loop and bluescreen, not able to boot up!  This is a pathetic joke Microsoft!!  Windows 10 is NO BETTER!!  Just yesterday, brand new Windows 10 computer, fresh out of box, turned on, opened Microsoft edge, and the system bluescreens and now runs terrible.  This is VERY common. I see brand new Windows 8 and 10 computers in shop every week that are corrupted right out of the box!  I keep getting them back in shop with file system errors and update problems. Continue reading

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Microsoft’s virus like attempts at forcing upgrades on you….my thoughts on the industry direction.

windows 10

windows 10

Lately, I’ve noticed that doing anything on a Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer can be a pain due to the constant spyware popups and background downloads, that should be illegal.  What surprises me so much is that the virus offender is Microsoft!!!  Now, lets be real, there is no virus here from Microsoft, but the constant barrage of popups telling me to upgrade is more insistent than almost any virus you can face on the internet. Continue reading

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Now can I buy or upgrade to Windows 10?

windows 10


People have been asking me the same two questions lately.  Is it safe to buy a new computer with Windows 10 on it, or is it ok to upgrade my current computer to Windows 10?  For a time, my advice has been no, to stick with what you have.  This is good advice with any new operating system.  It takes awhile for it to be on the market before enough updates come out to fix problems.  It also takes awhile for all of the companies that make parts for your computer to come up with new drivers to make the part, printer, or whatever work with the new operating system.  People forget, that even the old favorite Windows XP had many issues at first.  I now am updating below what I feel you should do in each given situation. Continue reading

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Malwarebytes Anti Exploit not compatible with early version 2016 Kaspersky Internet Security

malwarebytesKeeping your computer secure is becoming more and more important.  Part of keeping your computer safe from viruses and spyware is to have the best security software that you can use.  I have always recommended using Kaspersky Internet Security along with Malwarebytes Anti Malware.  Malwarebytes recently had issued a free tool called Anti Exploit, not to be confused with Anti Malware.  They are 2 different programs.  It has come to my attention that the newest Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 version is NOT compatible with Anti Exploit.  It will work just fine with Anti Malware, and I do recommend using both.  If you have Anti Exploit installed and plan to use Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 version, you will want to uninstall Malwarebytes Anti Exploit first.

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Fixing computers again! Getting back to work after surgery.

I am finally getting back to work again after a few months down and surgery.  I am hoping to be back to 100% within the next few weeks.  For now, I’m open for business and fixing computers again!  Thanks to everyone for the kind words while going through the health issues.  Just a heads up, I still do NOT recommend Windows 8 or for that matter, Windows 10.  Windows 8 was garbage, I do not recommend it at all.  Windows 10 will be better, but for right now, it is too new and doesn’t have enough driver support yet.  For now, if I needed a computer, Windows 7 is still the way to go.

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Should I do the free upgrade to Windows 10, or should I wait?……

windows 10

windows 10

If you have Windows on your computer, then you may have noticed down in your system tray, by the clock, that you may have a Windows icon there.   This is Microsoft offering versions of Windows 10 for free.  Lately, I have been getting calls from customers wanting to know if they should upgrade. Continue reading

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My thoughts on Windows 8….

Windows 8Windows 8 didn’t really hit me as a great Operating System when it came out.  The new interface really was not what I wanted.  The desktop became a smartphone interface, in the hopes that Microsoft could sell its Windows phone.  It failed miserably.  Taking the desktop and the start bar away from users at start up was a bold move.  One that beta testers complained about, but the complaints were ignored.  At first, this interface issue was bad, but it could be remedied by any number of programs, like Classic Shell, that would give your Windows 8, a  Windows 7 or older look.  You can then start on the desktop and you have the familiar start bar back. Continue reading

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Download the newest version of Malwarebytes!

malwarebytesOther than Kaspersky Internet Security, the most important piece of software you can have on your computer is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.  Recently, they have updated the interface and much more for malwarebytes.  Be sure that you have the newest version, by downloading it here.  If you have the paid version, it should update on its own, but with the free version, just download it from the link above, you do not have to remove the old version, it will update.  If you have the free version, don’t forget to update and scan with it at least once a week.


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The truth about hacking, don’t believe the media hype!!

compudoc computer repair phoenix azEvery day in the news lately, hacking is everywhere!  From the supposed North Korea hacks to Sony, to the latest stores being hacking such as Target, Home Depot, and others.  The media loves a story, its just too bad they are guilty for creating a story here, or at least the wrong story. Continue reading

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