The truth about hacking, don’t believe the media hype!!

compudoc computer repair phoenix azEvery day in the news lately, hacking is everywhere!  From the supposed North Korea hacks to Sony, to the latest stores being hacking such as Target, Home Depot, and others.  The media loves a story, its just too bad they are guilty for creating a story here, or at least the wrong story. Continue reading

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Computer purchase season coming up, some important tips!

compudoc computer repair phoenix azThe season is upon us with black Friday and the holidays right around the corner.  Many of us are going to be in the market for a new computer.  There are tons of questions that I get asked on a daily basis when it comes to what to buy.  There is a lot to consider….so here we go!!! Continue reading

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Unsafe spam Phone calls and emails still doing the rounds

Compudoc Computer RepairLately, I have heard 2 common things from many customers.  One is that they were checking emails right before they got hit by a bad virus and/or spyware infection.  The other is that they received a phone call from Microsoft or some other computer company or antivirus company.  In some cases, the customer is who called for support, but in each of the instances above, you accidentally just put your computer and information at risk to a hacker or virus! Continue reading

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Cryptowall, a newer variant of Cryptolocker infects police station, encrypts data for ransom!

adblock plusAwhile back, I wrote about perhaps the worst virus I have seen in the shop.  Cryptolocker is a virus that will encrypt all of your files and ask for money to reverse the process and give you access to your files once again.  There is no way to reverse the encryption without either paying the ransom, or restoring your files from a backup. Continue reading

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Malwarebytes anti exploit is out of beta and ready to go!

malwarebytesHopefully by now, most of my readers are familiar with Malwarebytes.  Its one of the best spyware, malware, adware cleaners out there!  One of worst kind of threats online are the ones that are brand new or unknown.  Most antivirus and spyware scanners will use a definition file list with all of the threats known to that company.  When you scan with their scanner, anything that matches that list, is flagged for removal.  This is why you need to make sure you update your scanning software, its only as good as its last update. Continue reading

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How to keep redundant and unneeded software off of your computer

windows 8We all want our computer to run faster.  There are many things that affect your computers speed.  One of those things, is how many programs are running in the background.  Many programs, once installed, will try to run in the background to keep the software ready to go.  A problem arises when you have software running in the background, that not only may not need to be running in the background, but that the program itself, is not needed. Continue reading

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Change your ebay passwords now, password breach

ebay password breachIf you have an ebay account, its time again to change your password.  Ebay was just recently hacked and some customer information has been put at risk.  At this point it seems to only be personal information and passwords, not financial information.  I recommend that any user with an Ebay account change their passwords immediately

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Some spyware isnt that sneaky, you’re letting it in! How to stop doing that!…lol.

windows 8Recently, spyware has started going crazy!  I have seen and read online about a 10 fold increase in spyware.  Now I know what you are thinking, “I’ve got good antivirus software, I’ll be safe”.  The problem here is that there really is a difference between spyware, adware, and malware versus an actual virus.  A virus is an infection, and it may or may not have been downloaded with the user knowing it.  With spyware, adware, malware, and the such, there are instances where it installs without the user knowing it, but usually, it is bundled in with other software downloads, and the user has an option to NOT download the spyware.  The main difference to me in MOST spyware vs. viruses, spyware is not really an infection, but will most likely lead to one, whereas a virus is an infection.   Continue reading

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Adblock Plus, stop the ads, and even some of the spyware!

adblock plusWe all know that ads can be annoying, but what if I told you they can infect your computer with spyware and viruses?  Unfortunately, ads do more than just get in the way.  Many ads are now packed with spyware to track what you do online, some even carry viruses and keyloggers to infect your computer, and / or to steal passwords and log in information.  The bigger problem here is that reputable sites, are not acting reputable when it comes to selling ad space on their websites.  Google, Facebook, and many others are selling ad space to people who are injecting their ads with spyware and viruses.  The worst part is that these companies could check the ads, but they don’t, they take the money and run, infecting you the end user, while they get paid for it!!!  My first response is to avoid ads, but that is impossible. Continue reading

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Search engine companies making money from sponsored searches that will infect your computer with viruses and spyware

compudoc computer repair phoenix azI wish someone at Google, or maybe even Matt Cutts could answer me one question?  Why, Google, are you profiting from infecting the computers of your users?  I own and operate a computer repair shop, and to be honest, I’m sick of having customers infected from Google search.  And its not just Google, MSN, and Yahoo are guilty of this as well.  What I’m talking about is paid sponsored search results.  When you do a Google search, the top 3 results are paid for, meaning, these companies could not rank their website high enough for a search, so they pay Google to appear at the top of the search.  In principle, this is so messed up!  Now I don’t get relevant searches for my search term.  Change that, I do, but most customers and users see those top results as safe.  They are NOT safe, I would venture to say that over 80% of paid search is either a virus, spyware, or a scam.  Just search for “norton internet security”, (not that I would EVER recommend to use norton…lol) and notice the top paid searches are not them, but other companines either claiming to be them or affiliated with them.   Google is making money from poor search results, and you the end user pay for them too with spyware, viruses and scams. Continue reading

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