Adblock Plus, stop the ads, and even some of the spyware!

adblock plusWe all know that ads can be annoying, but what if I told you they can infect your computer with spyware and viruses?  Unfortunately, ads do more than just get in the way.  Many ads are now packed with spyware to track what you do online, some even carry viruses and keyloggers to infect your computer, and / or to steal passwords and log in information.  The bigger problem here is that reputable sites, are not acting reputable when it comes to selling ad space on their websites.  Google, Facebook, and many others are selling ad space to people who are injecting their ads with spyware and viruses.  The worst part is that these companies could check the ads, but they don’t, they take the money and run, infecting you the end user, while they get paid for it!!!  My first response is to avoid ads, but that is impossible. Read the rest of this entry »

Search engine companies making money from sponsored searches that will infect your computer with viruses and spyware

compudoc computer repair phoenix azI wish someone at Google, or maybe even Matt Cutts could answer me one question?  Why, Google, are you profiting from infecting the computers of your users?  I own and operate a computer repair shop, and to be honest, I’m sick of having customers infected from Google search.  And its not just Google, MSN, and Yahoo are guilty of this as well.  What I’m talking about is paid sponsored search results.  When you do a Google search, the top 3 results are paid for, meaning, these companies could not rank their website high enough for a search, so they pay Google to appear at the top of the search.  In principle, this is so messed up!  Now I don’t get relevant searches for my search term.  Change that, I do, but most customers and users see those top results as safe.  They are NOT safe, I would venture to say that over 80% of paid search is either a virus, spyware, or a scam.  Just search for “norton internet security”, (not that I would EVER recommend to use norton…lol) and notice the top paid searches are not them, but other companines either claiming to be them or affiliated with them.   Google is making money from poor search results, and you the end user pay for them too with spyware, viruses and scams. Read the rest of this entry »

My PC Backup is a malware scam!

my pc backup scam malwareIt seems like every day, I find new software installed on customers computers that just doesn’t seem right.  MY PC BACKUP is one of those programs.  It seems legit, uses good looking pop ups to look legit.  The first tip I had that things here were wrong was that this program had pop ups coming at you left and right as soon as you would start up the computer.  Next, the software was kept asking to have the user activate it and pay for a full version.  The last tip….it installed without the user doing so.   That last one is the big one here, IT INSTALLED WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE.  If ANY software is installed on your computer and you did not install it, just assume its a virus or spyware. Read the rest of this entry »

Backup your important files ASAP!

compudoc computer repair Phoenix AZWith computers, it’s always important to backup your files.  Lately, I have even seen viruses such as Cryptolocker, that will infect your computer, and encrypt your files.  You can have a tech like me remove Cryptolocker, but the only way to unencrypt your data is to pay the writers of the virus, and right now the fee is $300, but it will increase in my opinion. Read the rest of this entry »

Search engine hijacks continue to wreak havok!

compudoc computer repair phoenix azWhen doing virus removals here in my home office, I notice trends in viruses.  What i mean is one week, we’ll be slow for virus removals, next day, I wake up to 15 messages about people with the same or similar virus.  Lately I have noticed that I have been getting more and more computers infected with search engine hijacks.  The unfortunate issue here is that most antivirus solutions right now do not flag or remove these infections. Read the rest of this entry »

Sorry about long break, back to posting again!

Hello all, sorry I haven’t been posting any blog posts in the last few months.  Its been especially hectic here.  I was starting to have carpal tunnel issues and decided to cut back on the blog posts, and then my father passed away suddenly.  Things are back to normal again, hope to back in here with more tips and tricks soon!

Be wary of search engines and browser add ons

compudoc computer repair phoenix azI am seeing a rise lately in “pup” software.  By “pup” software, I mean “potentially unsafe software”.  I think in many cases, this is just a fancy term for a virus or spyware.  The difference is that many viruses install silently in the background, and allthough, so do many “pups”, many “pups” are downloaded knowingly by the user, or bundled with other software downloads. Read the rest of this entry »

Fake MSN messenger downloads can be a virus!

compudoc computer repair phoenix azMicrosoft has recently announced that they will no longer be offering the MSN messenger.  MSN messenger was a instant messenger software made by Microsoft that has been around for years.  Microsoft has purchased Skype, and is now using Skype to replace MSN messenger.  Skype is really popular, so most users should have no issues going over to Skype. Read the rest of this entry »

Recent “invoice” malware spam to avoid

spam warningYour emails inbox is an ongoing war on spam and viruses looking to get into your computer.  I have always told my customers to take extreme caution when using email.  I never click on links or attachments in my inbox, unless I know for a fact that that sender is supposed to be sending me an attachment or a link.  Even if you know the sender, it does not mean that they are the ones actually sending you the attachment.  Its too easy for hackers to “spoof” their email address so it shows up as any email address that they choose. Read the rest of this entry »

Upgrade to a larger hard drive

compudoc computer repair phoenix azWhen you are thinking of data storage on your computer, it all comes down to the size of the hard drive.  The size of the hard drive will determine just how many files, data, and software you can store on your computer.  Often, we hear customers refer to ram as the hardware part where data is stored, probably due to the fact that ram also goes by the term “memory”.  In reality, RAM does not store permanent data, the hard drive is where your data is at. Read the rest of this entry »