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Why top selling antivirus, Norton and McAfee, are not worth your money.
Norton and McAfee are terrible protection choices, I'd never use either one, here's why.

Computer Repair Phoenix Arizona, Compudoc
Home based computer repair service for Phoenix AZ

Slow computer? Not always a virus, Tune up and optimization needed!
Improper tune up and care for a computer can bring it to a halt!  Get that computer a tune up and get it back up to speed!

Recovery disks for Windows computers
One of the most important thing to do for any computer, especially when they are new!

Norton and McAfee removal, removal tool needed in some cases
Norton and McAfee are such horrible products that they don't even uninstall correctly in most cases!  They know this, but do they fix, they offer a hidden tool you don't know about!!! Awful service!

Kaspersky Internet Security
By far the best antivirus product I have used in over a decade!  The ONLY antivirus I use and recommend.

Laptop LCD screen replacement Phoenix AZ / Glendale AZ
Laptop screen repair for laptops, no touchscreen repair.

Keep your cool with a laptop cooling pad!
One of the worst enemies to your laptop is heat, use a cooling pad to greatly extend the life of your laptop computer!

A better way to clean the dust from your computer
I'll show you how I clean out computers!

Open office, a free office alternative
A free office alternative!  Try it before you pay for office!

Web of Trust, the best in free link check software!
Find out if a page is safe, before you click on it!  Free!

3rd party batteries and chargers for your laptop
Don't pay crazy prices for batteries that have the lifespan of a fly!  Get chargers and batteries from 3rd parties for a fraction of the cost!

Computer viruses using usb, external drives, email, and social media to spread.
Find out some tricky ways a virus will spread from one computer to the next at your home or office.