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Microsoft's virus like attempts at forcing upgrades on
thoughts on the industry direction.
due to the constant spyware popups and background downloads, that should be illegal.  What
surprises me so much is that the virus offender is Microsoft!!!  Now, lets be real, there is no virus
here from Microsoft, but the constant barrage of popups telling me to upgrade is more insistent
than almost any virus you can face on the internet.  No virus or spyware scanner will stop these
popups, only some registry hacks, that only a technician should do.  On top of this, your
computer will download the installer for Windows 10, without your knowledge, in the background,
taking up valuable space on your hard drive that you paid for.  Even this can only be stopped via
registry hacks.  This is pathetic.  Its now obvious to me that Bill Gates is gone from Microsoft.  I
really have had waning confidence in Microsoft since Windows 8.  The future of computing is not
good right now if you ask me.  Apple was overpriced to the point of absurdity, and now they are
in serious decline since the death of Steve Jobs.  Microsoft has had a hit with the Surface, an
awesome product, but Windows 8 is a disaster, and Windows 10 has been OK so far, but the
upgrade methods are like they were designed by the African Prince who emails you needing
money so he can make you rich.

Windows 8 was technically a joke, it was the LEAST stable operating system I have ever worked
on.  They never addressed the issues, even ignoring the public cries for real start bar.  Windows
8 would crash all the time, restore functions almost never worked, and reinstalling on a new drive
or on a crashed system was awful compared to previous versions.  All of this, just to get people
to buy their phone!  They thought that if Windows 8 looked like their phones did, that they could
finally outsell iphones.....this backfired and Windows 8 was the worst OS of all time.  The fact
that there were free options for a start bar like classic shell with tons of downloads, and
Microsoft's refusal to add a start bar themselves shows the disconnect they have with
technicians and customers now.

Then comes Windows 10.  A vast improvement over 8.  The problem here is that both Windows
8 and Windows 10 computers are built for them.  Now let me explain, in the past, a Windows 7,
Vista, or XP computer could be downgraded with almost no issues with drivers or anything else.  
With Windows 8, Microsoft and the computer manufacturer would state that said computer could
downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 7.  Almost every time, there would be driver and other
issues, even when the manufacturer and Microsoft stated it would be fine.  Almost all of the initial
downgrade tries had driver and OS issues!  So many, that I stopped offering downgrades.  (this
may have changed with driver updates and OS updates)  Now I'm stuck with a Windows 7 install
that costs $100 that I can't return because Microsoft and the Manufacturer lied about the ability to
change back the OS.

The future is pretty bleak in computing if you ask me.  In a field where tech advances by the
second, the companies making computers are no longer competent enough to do so.  We need
new competition in the field.  Microsoft has lost is way, and I have no confidence that it will find it
again by looking at the last 5 to 10 years from them.  Apple was always way too overpriced, and
linux is too obscure for most daily users.  Right now, I'm sticking with Windows 7 until something
better comes along.  At least 7 is supported until 2020, hopefully Windows 17 by then is not total
trash, but with most sequels, they just get worse.