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Why do people create computer viruses?
One question that we hear all the time from our customers is," why do people create computer
viruses?"  The answer in most cases, comes down to money.  In the end, anytime a hacker can
compromise the security of your computer and gain access to your files, they can usually find a
way to make money from you.  Computer hackers have become creative, and are now using
many different ways to make money from unsuspecting computer users. One of the most
common types of viruses that we see in the shop lately are rogue security products. They rogue
program, hard drive monitoring program, or Windows itself. The problem is is that the software is
actually a virus, and once these types of infections are installed on a computer, it can be very
difficult to remove them. In almost every case, the rogue security product will try to convince the
user that is a legitimate product, and that the user must pay a fee to activate the product in order
to fix computer problem. The issue is that there is no problem, the rogue software program itself
is the problem. If you pay for the rogue software, it may dialback and allow you to have access
to your computer again, but now your computer is compromised and hacker can monitor your
computer for passwords, banking information, and other sensitive information.

Another tactic that hackers use is to hijack your search browser. The hacker will use a download
or a spyware program to change your default search engine to one of their choosing. Now all of
your Internet searches will go through a compromised search engine that will direct you to
whatever website they wish. The hacker makes money either by directing traffic to a website,
who will in turn pay the hacker for the traffic, or they will direct you to another infected website
that will install more viruses on your computer, allowing the hacker access to your information.

Yet another tactic that hackers will use this to get the user to unknowingly download a keystroke
logger, this will track whatever keys you push on your keyboard. The hacker is trying to record
keystrokes in the hopes of getting banking logins and passwords, or e-mail logins and passwords.

There are many other types of viruses out there, but these are the most common that we see
today.  The keystroke loggers are being used less and less, and we are seeing more and more
of the rogue security infections, such as the recent FBI Moneypak rogue security infections. If
you believe your computer may be infected, call us today for a virus removal appointment!