One thing that is unfortunate in the world of computer viruses, is that no antivirus is 100% secure.  That
being said, a second line of defense is always nice to have.  This is where Web of Trust comes in.  
Web of Trust is a browser add on for Internet explorer, Firefox, and now Chrome and Safari as well.

What Web of Trust does, is they use reviews and algorithms to check out websites for safety before
you visit the site.  After you download this handy browser add on, you will have a small circle next to
any links or search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.  They use a standard "stoplight" code meaning
red is stop or bad, and green is safe or go.  Clicking on the circle will show you why the site is ranked
so, with user comments as well.  You can even sign up to review websites as well.  This add on also
works "real time" by blocking bad popups and browser hijacks.

There are other options out there such as McAfee's Site Advisor (also free) and AVG antivirus has a
Link Scanner built in as well.  We tested all 3 together for months, but too many times AVG and Site
Advisor gave a site a clean ranking, while Web of Trust warned of malicious intent or hijack.

Another good use of this tool is to check the legitimacy of downloads or software downloaded from the
internet.  Many of the viruses we see on a daily basis are caused by rogue antivirus products.  Rogue
antivirus products are just viruses that mask themselves as an antivirus scanner, to get the customer to
believe the product is real, and to get the customer to eventually pay to activate the product.  Use Web
of Trust to see if the software you are going to download is legit, by googling the name of the
software.  Now, just check the rating and see what other users think, this all but eliminates installing
rogue software or becoming a victim of browser hijack!

You can download Web of Trust at We also have a list of rogue antivirus software to
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