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You got a virus pop up, now what?
Your online and surfing the Internet, just minding your own business, when a pop-up appears.  
The pop up is warning you that a virus has been detected on your computer, or that your hard
drive is failing, or some other important message.  Wait a minute, take a look at that pop up, it
looks like an antivirus warning, but is that you're antivirus software?  Do you even have antivirus
software in your computer?  Windows itself will not warn you of a virus infection.  Only your
installed antivirus software should warn you of a virus, make sure the pop up is in fact from the
antivirus software you have installed on your computer.

This pop-up is the beginning of a rogue software virus infection.  The pop up is in fact part of the
virus itself.  The virus writers are trying to make you believe that your system is infected and that
your built-in security, or Windows itself is warning you that you are infected.  If you do have
antivirus installed on the computer, make sure it is your antivirus warning you and not some
random pop up.  I would also take note of the pop up is claiming to be from Windows itself,
Windows will not warn you when you have a virus infection.  The virus writers hoping that when
you see this pop-up, that you become afraid about a virus infection on your computer.  Next a
virus writers hoping you will click on the pop up which will usually launch some kind of fake
antivirus scanner or fake hard drive scanner that will begin scanning and find tons of errors or
infections.  This is the scare tactic to make you believe you are infected.  Next the rogue
software will ask for money to activate to remove the infection, this is the scam.

If you see if pop up like this on your computer, the first step is not to click it and anyway.  DO
NOT click the red X on the pop up to close the pop-up either.  The virus writers have become
smart and made sure that clicking the red X the same thing as clicking yes.  The easiest way to
close the pop up safely is to perform a ctrl+alt+delete.  Next click the applications tab and then
select the pop up window in the list under applications.  Not choose "end task" to close the pop
up safely.  If you are unsure how to do this, another easy way is to just simply restart the

Once you close the pop-up, or restarted the computer, should run a scan with your antivirus
software.  If you still have problems after closing the window, or after running your antivirus
software, call us to set up a virus removal appointment.  Check out my page for
computer virus
removal for Glendale and Phoenix AZ.