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Should you upgrade to Windows 8?
Windows 8 is out and we are already getting calls from customers asking if they should upgrade
to the newest operating system.  We still see many computers in the shop using Windows XP,
Vista, and Windows 7.  Windows XP was one of the most popular operating systems of all time,
but is at the end of its life cycle.  Windows Vista was resource heavy and had some issues at
first, but ran well after service pack 2.  Windows 7 was a major improvement over Vista and was
quickly adopted and became even more popular than Windows XP!  Now, we have Windows 8,
the newest offering from Microsoft.

If you are using Windows XP, you really should upgrade.  XP is at the end of its support life from
Microsoft, so driver issues and other problems may occur once Microsoft fully stops supporting
the operating system.  If you are using XP or Vista, you really should look at upgrading to
Windows 7.

Windows 8 took a new path by greatly changing the user interface.  There is a steep learning
curve when finding things on Windows 8, versus the previous Windows versions.  Windows 8 is
more tailored to touchscreen devices, it can be used with a mouse and keyboard, but it is built
for touchscreen.  Windows 8 also can run apps as well as programs, it starts up and shuts down
amazing fast, and is secure and slick.  Right now, my advice is to run Windows 7 if you can, and
to run Windows 8 on any touchscreen devices.

If you have any upgrade questions, or want to know if your computer can upgrade to a newer
operating system, let us know, Compudoc Computer Repair can help!