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Upgrade to a larger hard drive
When you are thinking of data storage on your computer, it all comes down to the size of the
hard drive.  The size of the hard drive will determine just how many files, data, and software you
data is stored, probably due to the fact that ram also goes by the term "memory".  In reality,
RAM does not store permanent data, the hard drive is where your data is at.

Hard drive sizes are going up every other month or so.  It used to be that a 100 gig hard drive
was so big that people could never think of needing one of that size.  With all the data we use
now, its not unheard of to find hard drives up to 3 terrabytes in size, or 3000 gigs of storage.

If your hard drive is starting to fill up, you can just delete files to reclaim hard drive space.  
Another, better, option is to have a shop like Compudoc Computer Repair image your hard drive
onto a larger hard drive with more space.  Imaging the drive is nice, due to the fact that you don't
have to reinstall Windows and transfer the data.  If you would like to upgrade the size of your
hard drive, let us know, we can help!