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Slow computer? Not always a virus, Tune up and optimization needed!
Is your desktop or laptop computer starting run slow?  We get calls all the time for computers that are
sluggish and running slow.  Almost every time the customer says, "I think I have a virus!"  Although many
times, the customer is right, and a virus is due to the slowness on the computer, we see just as many
slow computers that are free of viruses and spyware.  It could be that your slow computer just need the
tune up and optimization service.

There are many other computer problems besides the virus that can float on your computer. Hardware
failure can also cause your desktop or laptop computer to run slow as well, especially hard drive or RAM
failures.  If your computer does not have a virus, and the hardware checks out okay, then you are most
likely in need of our basic tune up and optimization service.  Your computer may need to be
defragmented, have the registry cleaned up, temp files and Internet files cleaned, Windows updates,
software update such as Adobe and Java, and many other settings that can be causing your computer to
run slow.

Compudoc Computer Repair in Phoenix Arizona can help you out with our basic tune up and optimization
service.  This service does not cover virus removal, but if you combine our tuneup service with our virus
removal service, then the tuneup service is half off!!  With our tuneup and optimization service we can get
your computer running like new again!  There are times when a tuneup is not enough, in some cases you
really need to reinstall the operating system on the computer to get it running like new again, Compudoc
can help you with this as well!