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Some spyware isnt that sneaky, you're letting it in!  How to stop doing
in spyware.  Now I know what you are thinking, "I've got good antivirus software, I'll be safe".  
The problem here is that there really is a difference between spyware, adware, and malware
versus an actual virus.  A virus is an infection, and it may or may not have been downloaded with
the user knowing it.  With spyware, adware, malware, and the such, there are instances where it
installs without the user knowing it, but usually, it is bundled in with other software downloads, and
spyware vs. viruses, spyware is not really an infection, but will most likely lead to one, whereas a
virus is an infection.  

The first tip off that you have a spyware infection is that your internet browsers homepage (the
page that loads when you open the browser), and/or the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
has changed to one that is not one of the main 3 listed here.  This change is made to redirect
you to infected websites to become further infected, or to send search traffic to a certain
website.  The search results are contaminated with virus sites and poor results.  Many common
spyware search engines are Conduit, MyWebSearch, Babylon, delta tab, default tab, and many
more, I have a list of more spyware here, but thats only a small list of what I see commonly in
shop, and there are some with no real name to list. can you be proactive, and stop some of this spyware?  Its easy, most of this stuff is
downloaded with other free software.  When you download something, you will notice as you go
through the install and click next, next, next, finish.....that if you read each page carefully, that one
of the pages most likely will be offering free, or trial software, that is not needed to make the
intended software download work.  The original download is free, because some spyware
toolbar or rogue program is paying them to include their shady software with the download you
may be looking for.  Even Java, a needed software that it is very important to update whenever
updates are available, will come with the Ask toolbar, which is spyware.  You can still download
the Java update, and you should, just uncheck the box that includes the free toolbar.  Make sure
the software you are trying to download is in fact the real thing and not spyware faking to be a
popular program.  Use a link checker like Web of trust from to see if the link
you click on is the real thing, or safe to begin with.