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Tips you may be missing to help navigate the virus and scam haven
that is your email inbox!
I do virus and spyware removals in shop here all the time.  My most common service is most likely either
virus and/or spyware removals.  When doing these laptop or desktop virus cleanups, one question I hear
all the time is where did this infection come from?  That is a hard question to answer, and is different for
each computer.  One place that I notice frequently is the origin of the virus or spyware infection your
computer is suffering from is email.  This is especially true if you need to open email attachments or click
on website links that are in your emails.

First off, I want to state, that reading your emails is may be a pain to do with all the spam
nowadays, but reading the emails themselves is almost always safe to do.  Its opening attachments that
get you into trouble.  If you aren't a business type that gets emailed attachments, then you should never
open another email attachment, without knowledge from the sender in person by text or phone.  Make
sure that the person who sent you the attachment, actually sent it.  Spammers can send you emails under
any address, so that email from your buddy, may not really be your buddy!  If you absolutely have to
check out the attachment, download it to your desktop, and then right click the file and scan it with your
antivirus software before opening it.  Even doing this is only as safe as your antivirus software, and NO
antivirus software is 100% safe.  A good rule of thumb, don't open attachments!  The worst viruses in the
wild, I'm talking about the ones that encrypt all of your files so that you can't retrieve them, use
attachments to spread and infect users.

The other thing to avoid in emails are clicking on any website links.  Just don't do it.  If the email directs
you to a website, just google said site, and go to it from there.  There are too many easy ways to make
an email look like its from your bank or some other person, when its really from some hacker trying to get
access to your computer.

I hate to say it, but just avoid attachments and links, and you'll be fine.  Again, the emails themselves
won't infect you, its the links and attachments!  Another thing to watch for is if your email address is
sending out spam.  If you have a friend saying that you sent them some spammy link or attachment, and
you didn't send anything, scan your computer for viruses, or call me to have a look at it.  You may be
infected with a virus.