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My PC Backup is a malware scam!
seem right.  MY PC BACKUP is one of those programs.  It seems legit, uses good looking pop
ups coming at you left and right as soon as you would start up the computer.  Next, the software
was kept asking to have the user activate it and pay for a full version.  The last installed
without the user doing so.   That last one is the big one here, IT INSTALLED WITHOUT YOUR
KNOWLEDGE.  If ANY software is installed on your computer and you did not install it, just
assume its a virus or spyware. This isnt the only spyware out there that installs like this, almost all
spyware will just suddenly appear.  This is a HUGE RED FLAG!  If you have any changes on you
computer, epecially changes to your internet browsers homepage or search engine.  Most
antivirus programs do not see the initial change as a virus, because it really isnt (although I would
classify any software that installs without my knowledge to be a virus).  The home page or search
engine change isnt the virus, but it will take you to a site to get infected eventually.  My PC
Backup may even work, but I would never trust a company that installs its software unknowingly
to the user, then nags them for money, and is almost impossible to remove to a regular
computer user.

Computer users really should take stock of whats installed on their computer, so they can notice
new installs like this.  Browse through your list of programs or take a look at programs/features in
the control panel to see what is there.  I have a small list of rogue virus software here, and
another list of bad search engines, home pages, and other spyware here.  Note that these lists
are just the more recent infections we have seen, and that there are hundreds if not thousands
more out there.  If you have any of the software listed on your computer, call us for a spyware
and virus cleaning today!