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3rd party batteries and chargers for your laptop
Laptop batteries in laptop battery chargers just don't seem to last long enough.  Just about every
single laptop computer that we get in for repair here in the shop has either a bad charger or a bad
battery.  If you've ever tried to replace your laptop battery or charger, you will notice that it can
chargers.  See our post here to help you with your laptop batteries lifespan.

If you need to replace your laptops battery or charger, a third-party vendor may be the way to
go.  When we have looked to the original manufacturer of the laptop for replacement batteries
and battery chargers, the cost is often over $100 for each part.  We use third-party vendors that
make replacement batteries and replacement Chargers that work with your laptop, but in most
instances usually sell for only $20-$30.  I will admit that there may be a quality difference between
a factory charger and battery and a third-party charger and battery.  I still choose to go with the
third-party battery chargers because you can order one with a 1 to 3 year warranty.  In my
opinion if the third-party charger or battery dies after the first year use, you got your money's
worth since you only pay $20-$30.

If you need a new battery or battery charger for your laptop, Compudoc Computer Repair can
help!!  We have many vendors that offer third-party batteries and chargers at great prices and
with at least a one-year warranty.  See our website for any questions or if you need computer
repair in the Phoenix or Glendale Arizona area!