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Stop wasting money on compressed air cans to clean your electronics
and computers!
When we first started offering computer repair services, we wanted to clean out the inside of all
desktop computers that we serviced. We also would blow out the fan in keyboard and any other
vents on the laptop computers that we serviced. At first, I was buying canned compressed air.
This soon got very expensive, it seemed like a full can of compressed air would only clean a few
desktop computers before it would run out. We thought about using a vacuum, but you would
need a vacuum that would create static electricity, and in the end, blowing air in is more efficient
for cleaning computer parts then using a vacuum.

After a little research, I found exactly what we needed. I would own this even if I wasn't a
computer repair tech. With all of the computers and electronics people own these days, it pays
keep them clean from dirt and dust buildup to extend the life of your devices. What I found is
called the "Metro DataVac electronic duster".  We purchased ours on Amazon, but with a quick
Google search, you can find many vendors selling them. It is specially made to not create static
that can damage your parts. It comes with many attachments to clean out all types of electronic
equipment. It has a filter to clean out the air that it is blowing that also catches moisture from the
air. Best of all, you can find one for about $50-$80. With the price of canned air, it will pay for
itself in no time!