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Stop using programs to find drivers for you, they are spyware!
If there is one true thing about software today, is that nothing is free.  They are either a legit company
and letting you try the software in the hopes of you buying it later on, or its spyware and they get paid by
infecting your computer, stealing your data, and advertising to you!

One of the worst offenders I see daily in this business on most peoples computers are "driver" software.  
These are usually free, or even paid software that is supposed to keep your drivers updated.  First off,
you should NEVER trust some 3rd party to know what driver your computer needs, PERIOD!  The way
drivers work, there are many drivers that will install on your computer, but they may not work right.

Lets look at a wifi driver for a Dell laptop.  You can get that driver on Windows updates, Dell's website,
the company website of who made the wifi card for Dell, and 3rd party sites.  First off, the first place to
go is the manufacturer of the laptop, in this case, Dell.  After that, I would try Windows update, then lastly
the manufacturer of the wifi card itself.  You don't need each one, I list them in order of who to try first.  
3rd party sites should always be avoided and considered viruses or unsafe.

With "driver" software, you have no idea where the driver is from, and what virus file is attached to it.  Not
only this, but drivers don't need to be updated very often, and many times, its automatic.  I would avoid
and uninstall programs like "driver finder" and other "driver" related software.  

If you have a driver problem, go to the website of who made the laptop or desktop and update the driver
there, if you still have problems, you should call me to see what the underlying problem is!