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If you combine the Virus and Spyware Cleanup service with my basic computer tune
up service, you'll get a nice discount on the tune up.  Usually if you need a Virus
cleanup, you need a tune up as well, so I discount the tune up for a package deal!
  • Is  your computer slow? Internet loading pages slowly?,
    Browser redirects taking you to the wrong page?
  • I can fix slow boot up times or blue screen of death!
  • Fix PC boot problems, system crashes, hanging
    applications, missing files and more.
  • Excessive pop ups and interruptions while surfing the
  • Hard drive, Ram, Video Card, Hardware  / repair /
    replacement service.
  • Order a tune up and optimization service.  We can get
    you back up to speed, sometimes faster than it was
    when it was new, we perform this service on new
    computers too!  Many new systems are loaded with
    "free or trial" software that slows you down.  Let us help
    you get the best bang for your buck on that new or used
  • I can remove those rogue antivirus and spyware,
    rootkits,  browser redirects, trojans, worms, all the bad
    guys on your laptop or home desktop computer.
  • Free diagnosis for most Phoenix computer  repair and
    support issues
  • Payment not due until pickup.  Cash, Check, Paypal,
    Credit card, Debit cards accepted.
  • Visa, Mastercard, AmEX, Discover and Debit cards
    accepted by Square.
  • Transfer files from an old computer to a new one.
  • Computer repair and support for Phoenix, Glendale and
    the surrounding area for over a decade!
Compudoc Computer Repair Phoenix AZ /  3937 W. Sahuaro Drive Phoenix AZ 85029
Set up a computer repair drop off appointment today!  Serving Phoenix, Glendale, and the
surrounding AZ areas since 2006!
  • Are you currently running Windows XP or Vista,
    its time to upgrade to Windows 7, 8, or 10.
  • To upgrade from XP to Windows 7, 8, or 10 an
    upgrade won't work, a clean install is needed.  Let
    us confirm your computer and software is
    Windows compliant, and we'll do the install and
    data transfer for you.
  • Windows 8 and 10 are not only a big interface
    change, but there is software to make the
    transition easier for you.
  • Transfer from Windows 8 to Windows 10, I'll let
    you know when its safe to do so.
  • Data transfer:  Let us backup your data or recover
    data from a "dead" PC  to either your new
    computer or to CD or DVD.
  • Upgrade your system with ram for speed, a new
    hard drive for storage space, or a Video card for
    movies and gaming systems.
  • Add ram, upgrade your hard drive, upgrade your
    video or sound card.
  • I DO NOT offer Apple / Mac / ipad /
    tablet/smartphone repairs or support.
  • Home based, locally owned, Phoenix area
    computer repair and support service.
  • I do not offer onsite support, I do repair both
    home residential computers and some business
    desktop or laptop computers.
Latest common laptop and desktop
computer viruses and spyware infections:
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I offer a free, no risk
diagnosis to let you
know whats wrong first.
Pricing is flat rate, not
*Virus removal and tune up
must per performed on the
same system to get the
discount pricing.
Service by Appointment only
3937 W Sahuaro Drive
Phoenix AZ. 85029

    Free diagnosis on most desktop and laptops
    Flat rate computer repair pricing, not hourly rates
    Servicing all brands PC Laptop and Desktop
    Home based, servicing the Phoenix area for 10+ years.
    Should you repair or replace?  
    Find out with a free diagnosis and have your data
    transferred when replacement is the best option
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fake virus fbi moneypak removal phoenix arizona
fake windows virus warning pop up
Check your list of installed programs
in the control panel in either
"add/remove programs" or "programs
and features" if you have software
from either of the above lists, your
computer is infected!

List of known Fake or
rogue antivirus
security software to avoid

List of known
unsafe search engines
unsafe software to avoid
100% satisfaction
Howard Toole owner operator Compudoc Phoenix Arizona
windows advanced security center removal
no! remove fake rogue antivirus software
Servicing all
PC desktop
and laptop
I do not offer
Apple / Mac
Got any old Video Game consoles or games?  Any retro big box PC
games?  Maybe some 1980s action figures, toys?
You can use them for payment on repairs!!
My wife and I collect them, and if its something I want, you can use it for payment for your computer
repair service!!!  I'm looking to trade services for older retro PC games, retro video game consoles and
games, old PC's, and some toys from the 1980's.  I do not buy or sell them, only trade computer repair
services. Contact me to see if your goods can be traded for computer repair ans support services! Trade
in that old unused Nintendo system, and get the laptop computer that you actually use repaired.
Services ranging from virus
and spyware removals,
bluescreen and shutdown
issues, upgrade problems,
and much more!
Questions or
Use the email form below for any questions
or to set up an appointment
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Call me today with questions or to set up an appointment!      623-330-2765

Mon - Fri 10am to 6pm
Closed Weekends
Service by appointment only
Closed due to recent
surgery, hope to
reopen once